And when she told her mom that she’s raped her mom almost fainted and that was when she thought that this is the time when she can finally be free.

But alas! When her mom asked her the exact details and she told her that it’s her husband who did it, she saw her mom felt relieved. To her own disbelief, she was told that it’s not rape, it’s his husband making love to her. 

She was grown-up enough to understand the difference between rape and love-making. She knew that she was not in love with him, she knew it was him, who forced her to bleed the very first night they were together. 

As she had never fallen in love with anybody, and according to her family members, she was getting too aged to get a good husband, she had to nod in spite of being not-yet-ready. She had heard that her mother fell in love slowly with her father after their marriage and so she had a hope that the same will happen to her also. Hence, when she saw him for the first time in private that night, she expected some conversation, she thought they’ll exchange their opinions, they’ll settle down slowly. But all that she got was a drunken retard, who belted her and deepen her wounds every single time she cried for some help. From head to toe, she was wet in the pool of her own blood. 
In spite of all these she tried to fall for the person every second, but in her mind she never able to make any connection, and rather the same thing happened every night. 

And when finally she saw some ray of hope, finally when she was going to have an angel in her lap, and hoped that this news may bring them close, she was thrown out and again she bleeds!

An unfortunate explorer of life, a keeper still awaiting to be kept.
The mystery girl, with different view towards everything and everyone.
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