The way you act mature, when I am not taking care of myself, that thing makes me fall in love with you crazily thousand times, it keeps me trenching you. When you start flirting with me that drives me crazy, and I just forget everything, when you make puppy face just to draw my attention while I’m busy with my work and don’t look at you in video call but you keep doing, that allures my eyes to stare at your face, the way you tease me in every little thing giving me kinky type of names which you call me every time, that coerces me to call so that I can feel your naughtiness in your voice, I just want to keep staring at your morning face, where you would be completely unfiltered, messy hair, with dozy eyes and you’re staring at me as if you just want to sink into my eyes, where you just see the madness love only for yourself. I really don’t have any idea “Where?”, “When?” and “How?”, But it’s just happened.”

Pallav sits beside her and tells Avantika, ” suppose you’ve given your 100 percent, you’ve given your best into something, and it could be anything but you got disappointed at last. Does it mean you’ve stopped trying? Does it mean you’ve stopped believing?”

“No”, Avantika answered.

There was silence, a deep silence.

“Same goes for a relationship, Without TRUST, we can’t do anything, either it’s a relationship or something. Life is all about ups and downs. I am not forcing you, I am just telling you the reality of life, if you don’t want to move on, you’ll suffer! At least you should give a second chance to yourself.”
She kept on listening to Pallav and thinking how can anyone observe her so closely? how?

“Am I dreaming? Should I not be giving myself a second chance?”, She thought.

The second chance 2

She smiled with teary eyes, telling him sorry, and slapping herself! Seeing it, he shouted, scolded Avantika for hurting herself but she could not utter a single word. Then he proposed her with a bunch of red roses, chocolates. She was surprised, completely shocked, she could not figure out what’s happening?

He knelt on in his knees and told her that three magical words. She was so silly, she kept on crying and crying at that moment and hugged him tightly.

“Not everyone is bad who meet. Not everyone’s love story ends with a sad ending. It’s just that you have a bitter experience of dating that guy, it doesn’t mean that everyone is the same. Neither we can go in the past nor we can change things, so forget that, I know it’s not that easy but you have to try Avantika, Some relation can also start from here.” Pallav says…

No matter how hard you try, how much you try to delete them, that bitter past remains in your life. It would be better to Leave the Past in The Past, Where It Belongs and you should move on.

“I know Avantika it’s not easy to say “I love you”. I really don’t care whether it’s your answer yes or no, whether you’ll love me or not. Don’t think that I am blackmailing you If I want then I can force you right now, and no one will stop me but I don’t want to do that. Avantika, you always used to ask me, “How could people fall in love who just met online ?” and I told, “you never know, you really don’t know what’s going to happen in future? It’s completely unpredictable.

But… I’ll keep waiting for your answer, whatever you’ll decide I respect that”, Pallav gave a smile.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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