He was a cheater, he was a fucking liar. spending days with him if I couldn’t catch his intention! Then how would I say yes to you? He recorded our personal moment which he used for blackmailing me after that. Can you believe? And when I denied sleeping with him, he used to threaten me if I don’t do, this MMS will be circulated, would be viral on social media, everywhere. I begged him not to do that, but he did not listen to a single word, he just kicked me out, without thinking of anything he used this, and it was so horrible that neither I couldn’t face my family nor my friends, relatives nothing. And since that day the word “love” doesn’t has any value to me. He was a fucking blackmailer also. When I am all alone our memories grab me. He just used me, he also gave a lecture on commitment, I loved him but what did he do in return? These all are fake, rubbish. There is no honesty, no loyalty in today’s relationships.”

The second chance 2

Avantika broke into tears when she was talking about her past and blaming herself. Cause she knows how it feels when you come to know that the most trusted person has broken your trust.
This is something that happened with her two years back.
“That friendship, love, emotional drama, sex and at the end, he left!”

Tears were rolling down from her eyes, and then she collected herself and went to the washroom. standing in front of the mirror she asked herself, “Why did my eyes get wet? Why do I always feel calm, relax secure when I’m with him? Why couldn’t I stop my tears?”

Deep inside, she knew what she wants to tell him but whenever she thinks about “trust”, “commitment”, “love”, “loyalty”, “forever”, that horrible past obstructs her, it doesn’t permit her to love, to trust anyone anymore.

She sat down on the sofa, looking exhausted, recalling those days when she would go mad for Ashmit and him too. She wondered “How people changed!”

There was a time when she decided not to love, not to trust anyone after Ashmit but what about Pallav?

“Pallav, would you also cheat on me like Ashmit? Why do people promise to stay forever when they can’t keep it? Why?” Avantika asked him helplessly!

There has been some experience, which we can’t forget, no matter how hard we try to erase them, it won’t let us live in peace, not only it’ll ruin our present but also our future.

It was raining heavily outside, Avantika stood in the balcony alone, staring at the dark sky imaging how could people play with our trust?
He had been observing her since the time when they entered the room.
Suddenly, she felt someone stood behind her back, when she turned, she saw Pallav, the more she tries not to look at him, the more she gets close with him the more she wants to keep herself far from him, the more she gets crazy to be with him.

He could feel the chaos in her, he could read her face, understood what she feels inside, he could see her teary eyes, he could feel her without touching.

She was waffling, but he knows how to stop her.
He came and stopped her by smooching her lips, kissing her forehead.
He pulled her so close that they could feel their heart-beat, suddenly it became faster, restless, her eyes clashed with him, without controlling her feelings for him she just burst into tears, she cried, yelled, shouted and she hugged him tightly as if there is no tomorrow.

The second chance 3

“You know Pallav, we do the right kind of love with the wrong kind of people and when you just start believing that they won’t leave you, surprisingly you’ll be proved wrong. When you think, they won’t cheat you, eventually, they are the ones who will hurt you, all you can do is, blaming yourself for trusting the wrong person too much.

There is nothing more empowering in a relationship than a ‘TRUST’.”
She says angrily.

The one question always used to run in her mind, “Is it really a crime to believe someone?”
When she wanted to talk about this matter with Ashmit, wanted to know why did he do this, his reaction was very casual and just kept on saying that same thing, “you were only my time pass, nothing else, so don’t get so emotional”.

And after hearing this she was completely broken, shattered she was helpless, later, she came to know that he did this and does this kind of heinous things with every other girl.
What a fool she was!

“Let the tears come out Avantika.”, it’s not indicating that you are weak, it’s just, that sorrow, the agitation had been hidden in your heart and you’ve not found that right one with whom you’ll be sharing your emotional thing, with whom you’ll connect mentally.”
“I just don’t give a fuck about your past. what would I do with it? You did not do any mistake, you just loved him unconditionally and in return, he broke your heart, your trust, he lost you. You didn’t lose anything.”

And she melts in his arms. He was consoling her by saying that, I want you for the rest of my life. “Booking a room that doesn’t indicate the term, “Sex.” All I want to be close with you, I want to keep staring at you through all night, all day, every second, every hour, every day each and every moment I want you to spend with me, the way you keep waffling sometimes that makes me fall in love with you. your countless mood swings, where you behave like a kid, sometimes more than that, it pushes me to love you more and more, illogical questions, that nonsense talking between us, which is baseless but still you laugh on my lame jokes, that peddles me fall in love with you every time, your innocence, simplicity attracts me like a magnet towards you.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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