Avantika’s phone beeped at 2.45 am in the night and it was showing Pallav on her mobile screen, no sooner had she picked it up, he started asking angrily.
“Why didn’t you answer my call? I called you five times, but you didn’t respond.”
“I was sleeping Pallav,” Avantika replied in a heavy voice.
“Listen, I want to tell you something and it’s more important than your sleep.I am coming tomorrow, be ready by 11, I’ll be waiting for you”. and he sent the venue by WhatsApp. And just within a few seconds, her sleep had gone, she really couldn’t figure out, what is he saying, thinking, ‘Is he serious?’

Pallav is also from Kolkata but he has been staying in Pune since 2013 for the job and every year he comes home to celebrate Christmas with his family but this year would be a little bit special as he’ll be meeting Avantika for the first time.

Pallav is working in MNC, he knows how to deal with any situation, cool, calm, sorted, understanding and mature. Avantika, on the other hand, she is very immature, childish, talkative once she starts, she keeps on talking, calvish type, sometimes she gets hyper, very emotional, she pretends that she is strong enough but that’s not true.

With a little hesitation, she sent “okay “.

The next day while getting ready she started thinking if she was doing right. ” We just spoke over the phone but never met face to face and all of sudden all these! Her thought interrupted when she got a WhatsApp message, “Have you reached? I’ll be there by 10:45″ please don’t be late.”
Seeing it, she just gave a smile and went to meet him nervous and excited.

23rd December! Their first date, their first meeting, full of excitement, nervousness, awkwardness and a feeling of hesitation of facing each other for the first time.

She dressed up herself with deep blue jeans, a red top, and a sling bag, light makeup because she must look good. She was desperately waiting for him, looking here and there, if he is coming or not and biting her nails as this was the 1st time when she comes to meet a guy whom, she never met before.

She saw a guy with a dark green shirt and blue jeans coming towards her, continuously staring and giving her a smile. Avantika recognized him. They went to a coffee shop and ordered two cold coffee.

In the very beginning, she was quiet because she doesn’t know how to start a conversation! But he already knew, so he started with his lame jokes and he knew it very well that she’ll laugh and what exactly happened. they kept on talking, teasing, everything but then Avantika made a stupid mistake.

The second chance 2

While having coffee she just couldn’t control her laughter and spilled the coffee over his shirt, hands, and phone. It was so embarrassing that she could not look into his eyes anymore. This is the first day they have been meeting. She was scolding herself for what she has done. But he handled the situation with a smile rather than laughing at her.

From there they start hanging out as if they just love each other’s company, they start catching up in the restaurant, coffee shops.

Pallav was trying to say something to her but couldn’t understand how to approach it. But one night, he called her, with his little fear, before asking over the phone, “would you mind if I book a room?”
And Avantika was completely silent, he kept on asking and finally, she agreed. Though she did not like his approach, however, somewhere she found something in his voice that there are so many unspoken things which he wants to tell and that is the reason she said, “yes”.

Both were nervous. The moment they entered the room,  she was scared, feeling hesitates, her throat became dry, her hands got cold. She started thinking, “what’s next? Would he ask me to be naked or would he tell me to lay on the bed? Would you leave me after today? Would he throw me out from his life?”Questions, thoughts were continuously hitting her mind at that time.

Suddenly he came out from the washroom and kept staring at her incessantly as if he’s seeing a girl for the first time and she felt awkward.

She made a special dish on that day which she brought for him. She put it down on the table and sat on the bed silently but how would she stop herself from staring at him?

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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