You may have seen the sunset,
But have u ever tried to feel it?
You cherish the shimmers, the fading glow,
The scattered clouds, the lights, the birds, the sights,
The delightful view of the horizon,
Everything makes a ravenous show…
But its also the end of a day,
A day that may not be lovely…
It may be disdainful,
Sometimes the chores get under your skins…
But the dusk, it always ends on a good note,
And lets the night begin…

I have a friend as such…
I wouldn’t call her a colorful butterfly,
Rather… She’s like a dusky cloud,
An abstract of disjunctions,
Not ordered,
But rearranged like an astounding view of art…

She wasn’t born as a pride,
But was determined to be one…
But with a scattered family, and a damaged soul,
All her childhood she never felt whole…The Refurbished Fairy 2
Raped by her kin,
Rejected by her own,
Rampaged by ethics,
She was sad and alone…

Her life felt too sore…

But oh dear, look at her courage,
She said-
This isn’t something I dreamt of,
I want to be something of worth,
I want my life to be something more,
And I am done being a patriarchal whore…

She got up, set her sail…
She’s still one the way,
with a will not to fail…
The destination she seeks is yet to be found,
But she continues,
Through the heartbreaks and guilt still, surround…

Do u want to know her?
The Refurbished Fairy 3
She’s a chaotic mess,
Blended with the pretense of happiness,
Who lives in her thoughts of death and glory,
Not like an angel I suppose,
But a refurbished fairy,
The beauty of which people are blind too…
They asked her to find peace…
Oh, but she’s an inspiration,
She found music in the chaos…

The Refurbished Fairy 4
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