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I heard the storm, inside my head the moment I saw you standing at terminal 3 at Kolkata airport. You said you would come to me, the least I was expecting was it to be so soon. It gives me an ultimate pleasure to realize that the same rain is going to pour on us together in a while. A see the thunder cutting the heart of the beautiful dark cloud and I could hear the roar of it over the phone call too. I haven’t had such kind of spine chill in a long run.

I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks, I am happy to see you here in my city on this rainy night. You look amazing my love. But I am scared too. What if you too leave me once this rain is gone. When there will be again dead cold nights, will you still be here beside me like this? Or I will be left alone again to wander around and wonder where it all went wrong.

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I sure wanted you here, right here with me. I have never felt drawn towards someone this way. Even though the rain has always been there for me in all my ups and downs, the least I have ever expected that it would bring you to me, it would bring in my love to me. The kind of love that I have only read in books and seen in movies, the kind of love I believe in, and hence people laugh at me, will you be the one? My forever? My happily ever after?

“ Hey!”
“Ummm! Reyansh! You are here?”
“Just a 15 minutes ride to your place, right? My Uber is coming!”

And the drums started beating inside my heart, feels like the rumbled and amplified boosters are added to it. The rain outside is vibing with the tones playing in my head matching its best possible pitch.

It feels like you have known me forever when you look through my eyes over the video call. You make me go on my knees, I shiver when you look at me like this. I fear the fact that you could read through my eyes. You even know what I am thinking right now.

“Don’t worry about getting dressed up, you are looking absolutely gorgeous. I would need you to be yourself, I don’t want you to hide your expressions behind the stupid makeups. You don’t need them. “

And you make me blush! All I could do is see you arranging your backpack and then get seated in the cab. With every passing second, you are coming closer to me, the density of the rain is gradually increasing. I am unable to even get up, I could feel my heartbeat in my stomach as well. This adrenaline rush, my body temperature going up when the surrounding is cooling down, your smile adding up the heat to this moment, I am clueless what to do. I probably am not even blinking right now.

I never realized how fast time can pass, until I heard a car honking near my apartment. I skipped my heartbeat. I gathered all my strength and courage to get up. I am still trembling but I managed to keep the phone aside and took the steps to come down below the apartment.

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All I could do was to stand there like a fool, watching you getting off the car and clear your bill. Even though the vision is blurry with the heavy rain and the high beam of the car, I could still see you walking towards me in a black well-fitted T-shirt and the blue quarter pant with a croc that completing and complimenting you at the same time. Little did I realized was you could see me inside out in that white chiffon kurta as I was drenched in the rain.

You are now standing right in front of me looking straight through my wet eyes and you know how nervous I am. The next moment you hold me from my shoulder and thunder went past inside me. My eyes closed and my lips quivered. I am trying to ensure that I am not dreaming all these, so I opened my eyes. That wicked yet the most amazing smile worked like a charm. You have me smiling at you now.


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“Shall we?”
“Yes, please!”

We walked towards my room in silence.

I passed on a towel to you as you are completely drenched, you came towards me and helped me to dry my hair instead. You know how immune I am, don’t you? I hope I am not catching a cold tonight! Once done, I left to change and let you use my room.

By the time I came back, I see you wrapped up in a white towel wondering where to hang your wet clothing. I wish I did not have to interrupt looking at you, I wish I could keep on staring at that scorpion tattoo at your back, wish I could cherish the vision of those glowing skin, wish I could run my fingers on your perfectly toned bare body, but I headed on to help you. You saw me staring at you and you decided not to interrupt. I know you can read my mind and I would love to surrender to that.

“Go, use the washroom! I will make some tea!”
And you followed!

I do not know what is going to happen tonight, the drizzle is not going to stop tonight. Does nature want to see me surrendering to love tonight? Maybe? It wants my fear of losing people to go away, it wants me to fall in love with every single bit that I have left in me. This rain will ensure I fall in love with it with you by my side.