My phone beeped with a WhatsApp message,’I am getting married.’

I was in the office, working on my next project, so many missed calls were popping up on my phone and those were from Rivanaha, I immediately came out from my desk and I called her.

“Rivanaha” how can I forget this name? Till now, it gives me goosebump whenever I start recalling that day. Finally, the result came out, we already knew, that Rivanaha would top, but surprisingly her dearest and nearest friend Ishita ranked first, she should be happy for her, but she gave her totally a blank look as if ‘what’s the big deal’? and left the room. It was the result of our board exam. Later, we came to know that Ishita has fallen sick and been completely paralyzed.

We all were in shock as we couldn’t believe our eyes that a few days back she looked alright and now she is in the wheelchair. After some days we got to know that Rivanaha was the culprit and responsible for this. Ranking in 3rd position, was very unexpected for Rivanaha, as she always ranks first, and this time just for few marks she ranked after Ishita, and this is something, that she could not take easily. She was trying to harm her desperately and she did that. As they were best friends, they used to share food with each other. And hence she played her game cleverly.

The obsession! 2

Day after day she kept mixing poison in her food, so that she can be paralyzed, and guess what?? it happened. Just for some marks, she turned into evil. She made her paralyzed for life. She never thought that Ishita was her best friend because she never wants anyone to defeat her, never ever. And after that incident, both are not in touch, and that was the day, which made me think if she can go to that level just only for few marks then how far will be, she going in future for something or for someone????

From the very beginning she is like, “I’ll be always on top, I’ll be the best, and I only want the best thing in my life whatever or whomsoever I want in life, I just want that, no matter how hard or difficult to get it but I want., even, if I need to change myself for this, I’ll do. And she always used to dress up like a boy, always…

It is been 10 years, a long time.

Whensoever I saw the missed calls, I was a little scared, but I was incessantly calling her and when it was just about to disconnect Rivanaha said,

‘Hello, Tani, How are you?’ Did you get my message? Even I called you many times, but you did not answer me, where have you been?’

‘My God,” there is a long list of your questions, take a deep breath! now tell me.

‘Tani I am getting married.’ she said, and it was sounded like, she was very happy.

The obsession! 3

Whensoever I got your WhatsApp, I kept on thinking, “Is Rivanaha getting married?”, ‘really’?
Whom everyone used to call “Rivanh” in her childhood days, who always used to dress up like a boy, ‘boy-cut hair’, boy’s jeans’, ‘boy’s T-shirt’, and you never used to put ‘make-up’ like the other girls do, you always used to keep yourself from this “love-circle”. There were no words like love, attachment in your dictionary. You were a ‘Tom-boy’ at that time.

And Rivanaha laughed her heart out and replied, YES, YES, YES how can I forget all those things yaar? But I can challenge you, if I come to you, you will not recognize me at all, I am completely changed, I have totally changed myself only for ‘him’.
For “him?”
‘Ekansh’, she said.

After a long phone conversation, we decided to catch-up.

Finally, we met, and I was completely startled to see her with “long-hair”, “traditional dress”, “make -up”, the way she was talking to me, staring at me, it was unbelievable, totally changed, humble, calm Rivanaha. One more thing, how did this miracle happen? from’ tom-boy Rivanaha’ to a ‘complete girl Rivanaha’?

Rivanaha was quite for a while and told.

Ekansh is the guy, who has everything, good looks, money, power, everything which I want and you know “I only want the best thing in my life.” suddenly it sounded like the ‘old Rivanaha’, and thinking, ‘is she still the same? and then I thought maybe I am overthinking, after all it is been 10 years, people may change… and he is the guy, with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life, I love him like lunatic, he matters me the most, no one else, means, no one, I can do every possible thing only for Ekansh and he also loves her wholeheartedly and only 2 weeks are left, invitation cards have been already distributed.

It seems like a happy ending, isn’t so? Seriously do u really think is it going to happen? If you think so then you are going in the wrong direction, life is full of twists and turns, up and downs, it is not a bed of full or roses. Destiny has some other plans for them which were entirely beyond their imagination.

Insofar I know Rivanaha, she is very aggressive. What she wants in her life, she will get that. Daddy’s spoiled daughter, very obstinate, chesty, and she has a tendency of doubting everyone, and what she wants to get in life, she will get that at any cost, by hook or by crook, either ‘something’ or ‘someone’.

The obsession! 4

Ekansh was also aware of her nature and he knows that possessiveness, insecurities, priorities, and obsessiveness are the signs of love but he never thought that those love signs would be breakneck in his life… and after getting engaged with Rivanaha he started realizing that all is not well. Their relationship is not going well, it is going to be finished, the end. Rivanaha became very ferocious, violent and over-possessive about Ekansh, which was nagging him mortally. Unfortunately, her excessive desire made their happy relationship ‘Bitter”. If any colleague of Ekansh would call him she could not have taken it casually, all she used to imagine that there is something is going on between them.

Days changed in weeks but Rivanaha was still the same, ‘Aggressive’ and it became a very difficult situation and he could not understand what to decide? Staying with Rivanaha, this thought could not give him peace, and it became extreme when Rivanaha started spying on him. she was not giving him a minimum space. She wanted to take the chair of his life. She was getting obsessed gradually. But she forgot one thing, that it is not about marks, which she did earlier with Ishita, she almost killed her. But ‘Relationship’, is not like that, it is not only about ‘I’, and ‘You’, it is about ‘Us’ it is about giving space to each other.

That moment when Ekansh decided not to get married and tell everything, thinking what he is going to do, the outcome would be very horrible and whatever he thought, what exactly happened, and Ekansh was tremendously scared. His throat started drying in fear, at that time her mind stopped working. Even she could not understand what is wrong and what is right? and that moment, when Rivanaha showed the video clip where their personal moments were recorded. She was blackmailing him. It was out of Ekansh’s imagination, and he was completely stupefied by seeing it, wondering ‘how could Rivanaha? Is she mentally ill? am I going to get married to this Rivanaha?’ He screamed!

She only wants him. His opinions, likes, dislikes do not matter. Rivanaha does not want to share him with anybody, now imagine how much is she being obsessed??

The obsession! 5

All she tried was that no matter what, Ekansh will be with her, she forced him not to leave her.

She yelled and was mumping to Ekanash,” please, don’t leave me, there is no hope in my life without you, I’ll be hopeless without you, come back to me, we are getting married Ekansh. No one will love you the way I do, I did not beg like this before Ekansh, please stay in my life.” She kept on telling him over and again but when Ekansh decided that he would end their relationship. Rivanaha’s anger turned into her obsession and she killed him and became motionless! She started crying profusely as much as she could…

And at the end of it, she ended-up her life also. Rivanaha’s excessive possessiveness, her psycho and obsessive nature have ruined her relation, this is the reason for their separation.

Loving someone or having feelings for someone it’s quite obvious, normal but day after day if you are obsessed to your partner, trust me you cannot call it love, not at all, it will only make your life hell, miserable as well as your partner’s yes, you heard it right, it is completely unmeaning, obsession is like, it grabs your mind unconsciously bit by bit. You cannot force or pressurize your loved ones, never, sometimes in life, you will not get what you want, it is better to let go sometimes,

Her stubbornness, obsessive mind completely overturned her life.

The obsession! 6

Honestly speaking, I really do not know how people, like Rivanaha, can be so much obsessed? and how can they do cheap things like blackmailing? Trying to kill their partners? Trying to finish their life? “HOW”?

I would like to highlight something for those people out there, please stop doing this, do not make it your obsession. There is a difference between “Love” and “Obsession”. Love heals your all scars, soreness, it brings back down casted people from depressed life to their normal life. It is that feeling, which makes you love others, Love can do anything, but on the other hand “Obsession”, it is not Love, not at all.

It is like a mental disorder. Where your thinking capacity totally stops. It is completely invertible to love, it can only break you, makes you aggressive, it kills your quietism, it is completely jabbing you to the darkness, turns you from a positive to a negative people, it is “Lunacy”.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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