They take the flight together to Mumbai, hands in hands. It is their first outing and she was as nervous as excited. They arrived at the CSIA(Mumbai Airport) when she asked him where they were heading next.

“Lonavala”, He says!

She could not believe that he has planned the trip this way. The car was already awaiting them at the airport. They started towards the resort he has booked for them. Certainly, she knew that this outing was going to be special, but all she could do was guess. He never tells her anything beforehand! Keeping her head on his shoulder she enjoys the scenic beauty. The way through these mountains is beautiful. Her twinkling eyes says it all. He looks through them, gives her a smile and holds her tighter in his embrace. She feels warm.

“When did you plan everything?”

He smiles. He would do anything that would bring a smile to her face.

“We have a pool there?”
“You think it won’t be?”
“I love you!”

Anyone could make it out from her obvious tone of happiness. They reach the resort by 6.30 pm. The receptionist welcomes them with a professionally fake smile. After completing all the formalities of checking in, she runs to the poolside. There is a table at one corner of the pool, the table is being decorated by the hotel staff.

She hears a call from behind. It was for her. He asks her to go and get fresh as she must have been tired from the journey. But she insists to sit at the poolside for a while.

“We will come back after freshening up and then you be here as long as you wish. Go change now!”

They are given a cottage that is right beside the pool. She enters and gets amazed by the beauty of it. It has three separate rooms inside. The first room has the light dimmed with music playing in the background, there were 2 chairs facing each other and a table in between. She could see a rose placed on the table and a note. It reads, “Get going!”

With a smile, she enters the next room. It is the bedroom, perfectly decorated with balloons and flowers. The room has a window with a view of the poolside and the alongside mountain. She turns towards the bed, her face becomes pink. A beautiful blue dress lying on the bed followed by another rose and another note. It reads, ” Once you are done freshening up, come out at the poolside wearing this. I am waiting.” She could not stop blushing more.

She enters the washroom that looks like a spa room more. There is a steam shower on one side and there was a spa bed. There was also a bathtub full of water and rose petals. She takes a steam bath and comes out. She puts on the dress kept on bed, puts on her favorite perfume, she knows he loves it too. With a matching high heel, she compliments her look for the night. She comes out.

There, he was waiting for her. He is wearing the blue shirt she gifted before coming here. The black chinos and black shoes are perfectly enhancing his hotness. He makes her sit. It is the same table that was being decorated when they entered. He opens the bottle of champagne and pours it in the glass. He has ordered all her favorite dishes.

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While eating, they stare at each other and let their eyestalk. The cool breeze accompanies the silent chat. After finishing the food she gets up from the chair and removes her heels. Making herself comfortable she dips her feet in the warm water in the pool and invites him to join her.

By that time few other people have started roaming near the pool. She does not know why she did not like their gaze. However, she remains silent. He felt her discomfort and joins her after removing his shoes. She wants to get into the pool but he is afraid of water and she knows it well. Hand in hand they sit. He has so many things to do yet, and unaware of anything, she starts sharing her office workload. He listens to her with concentration. He knew that she has not been doing well mentally, workload and office politics has stressed her in and out. That was one of the reasons he planned this trip, but the main intention was certainly different.

He grips her closer to rub her back, she needs it. Within a blink, someone from their back pushes him directly into the pool. She wants to scream but by the time the other guy ties her mouth from the back. She could see him struggling in the pool but she can not help him. Someone from the lot starts pulling her by her hair. Tears rolling down from her eyes, she feels so helpless, she wants to shout, call out for help but she could not find any resort staff nearby. They drag her to a room which was certainly not booked for them. To her own disbelief, she finds out fours of her colleagues with whom she was having issues in office for the last few months.

Chapter 2:

From the day, Nidhi has joined the new office, she has been a hot gossip amongst all the guys and even amongst the girls. Without any doubt, she was extremely beautiful and sharp. Her skin glows without any makeup, her pink cheeks are so perfect that anyone would not believe that it is no makeup blush. Her lips are thin and the lip lines are perfectly drawn, the sharp nose and dark brown eyes compliments her look. The natural straight hair which goes till her waistline would attract anyone towards her. Her long and toned legs complete the look.

She has got many proposals from the first day itself, but she accepted none. Most of the girls in the office were jealous of the attention she got, but she had nothing to care about. She came here to work, she knew and she did that. She has her home, Dhruv. And every night after a long tiring day all that she wanted was to go back to him at the earliest and be in his embrace. A few times, he has come to pick her up from the office and whoever saw him, immediately knew they stand no chance in front of this 6 ft. tall and sharply built guy

Dhruv and Nidhi have been together from their childhood and never felt the need for anyone else in their life. By the time they grew up, their family too knew that they are inseparable. They had been waiting for them to get married but Dhruv and Nidhi have decided to start their business first and then get married. Both of them have been saving for the same.

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Things were going pretty well until one colleague approached her for a date. Without giving a second thought to it, she rejected the proposal. Unfortunately, the guy did not take it well. He started corrupting her projects, few other guys, who had the same grudge joined in. Somehow they got hold of a presentation she made for the clients and they deleted the entire file and replaced it with something embarrassing. Without knowing, she played the same in front of the clients and since then an escalation has been going on. It did not take her much time to understand who has done all these and she raised another escalation against them.

Little did she knew that this will go out of office and will interrupt her life in such a way!

Chapter 3:

Seeing those colleagues right in front of her in that resort room, she gets spine-chill. She fears the worst, in the back of her mind she wants Dhruv to be safe. She starts crying but nobody could hear her. She begs them to leave her but her efforts go in vain. One of the guys, come forwards and slaps her hard and all of them start laughing.

“You are too proud of your relationship and your look, are not you? Now see what happens with both.”

A razor-sharp knife passes through her dress and it falls off. She is now in front of them in lingerie. Before she could do anything, one guy ties her hand and the other guy start kissing her all over like a hungry beast. The other one starts running his fingers all over her and within a blink, the other one undresses her completely. One thrash her to the bed start biting her all over, she could see blood from her hands, her cups, she cries in pain but can not shout or scream. Their teeth and nails punch through her soft body. She starts throwing her legs in the air to get out of their hold but fails. Another slap and the knife cut through her thighs.

“Co-operate with us bitch, else you will die like your boyfriend.”

She freeze. She can not think of anything, she can not move. Dhruv’s dead face comes flashing in her eyes, tears roll down, her eyes catch a blank gaze up at the wall. One of them takes a beer bottle and puts it through her vagina. All of them laugh loud, she starts bleeding from there. One by one they enter her, fuck her till they collapse. Once done, they go for a round of drink and then comes back and turns her backward. Again, this time, they enter her from the back and do things till she flows in the river of blood. After each one them were done, one guy enters his hand through her clit and scratch her entirely inside out.

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“Now you will go to the office the next day and will withdraw the complaint,” they say and they leave.

She gets up from the bed, gathers some courage. She is unable to move, her entire body has cuts and wounds. She is bleeding from everywhere. Somehow she wraps herself with a towel and comes out of the room.

She could see Dhruv in the pool, but he will never talk to her again. The water in the pool is blood red.

Chapter 4:

She rushes to the reception and everyone there goes in shock seeing her like this. The receptionist immediately comes out of her desk and gets a hold of her. She collapsed.

By the time she gets her sense back, she finds herself in a hospital bed. The nurse in duty notices her fingers moving and immediately catches her hand. She stares blankly at the nurse. The nurse smiles at her and tells her that the police are waiting outside to record her words. She asked her to send them in.

The lady officer comes in and gives her a look full of pity. She smiles at her. With a lot of struggle, she finally tells her everything from the beginning till that night.

“Did you ask the staffs in the hotel how did those people get in and why nobody from the staff was around us?” She asks.

“Dhruv had asked them to stay away as he was planning a big surprise for you. And as he had a couple of suite booked for you people, they generally try to give you privacy as well.  The guys who pushed him in the pool and dragged you to the room were just local goons who trespassed so that you do not get to see your colleagues face on the first go. We have seen the CCTV footage. We have arrested them and investigation is on.”  The officer tells her one last thing.

“I will make sure that you get justice along with Dhruv. He was a nice guy!”

She handover a ring and card that Dhruv has left that night with the receptionist as a part of the surprise.

The card reads, ” Will you marry me, Nidhi?”