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We heard both the words multiple times, and they both are very similar with small difference, lets figure it out…

Ego, as per definition it’s a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
Self-Respect, as per definition its pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.

If you notice both are almost the same, but there is a small difference in them. The small difference can cost you your friendship, relationship or any other valuable relationship if it is not controlled.

The worst part is, we are unable to identify when the self-respect is transformed in to Ego, and it takes upon us. It is very difficult to judge our own self

Ego can be very harmful whenever it meets any relationship, be it personal or professional. The first thing that Ego creates, is the ranking: the high and the low, it is the start where suddenly things start not working.

On the other hand, Self-Respect is a positive emotion. It is all about honoring yourself and honoring what you stand for. It makes you independent and it comes only when you follow the path of discipline. Self-Respect makes you respect your boundaries; it helps you define and honor your own opinion as distinct from others. It makes you respect the choices you make in your life and above all, it gives you independence of thought.

Root causes – A poor ego control often has its roots in childhood. Faulty parenting strategies (like dominant or over-protective parents), bullying, broken homes are some of the factors that show up as ‘ego’ in later years. Ego is also used as a defense against anticipated rejection or insult.

Self-respect is often the result of good parenting and a childhood free from abuse, where the child grows up to believe in himself/herself and is free from any feelings of insecurity. It is the shield for fighting against any threat to self-esteem.

Ego may claim dishonor from the world, while Self Respect commands honor from the world. It is ultimately about Self Honor and to command respect from others, you must first honor yourself. Ego leads to feelings of victimization and powerlessness, while Self Respect is all about personal power.

Coming to the consequences: Self-respect results in personality development and makes the person self-dependent. It stops the person from believing he/she is superior to others, and at the same time it teaches him/her how to value himself/herself.

Ego often leads to unhealthy competition and rivalry. It creates an urge to prove oneself even if it is by demeaning others. Ego can destroy relationships, hurt others and make a person isolated in his own world. It makes the person emotionally vulnerable and has impacts on his psychological. Self-respect, on the other hand, allows growth, maturity and helps to cultivate self-worth. It is not defensive and improves one’s physical, mental and psychological health.

We can easily avoid the situations from getting escalated further, by following some of the old school rules: respecting others opinion and surrendering the need of controlling or dominating to be specific.

I understand that in real life it is not possible to follow these rules at all time, but the more we follow, the more we win love. You might win an argument with an ego, but it might cost you something greater.

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