Whew! Finally, I am able to reach the metro. Why do we have such huge traffic? Ohh no no no… Gosh, I missed my train. Ahhh… I hate this. Now I have to take the last metro to home. 

I hate this. Ohh great… I am alone here. Wow. And this place has a reputation for being haunted at this time of the hour. I should have left office early. But I was on time. The hell with this traffic. Why do they have this traffic today? It’s not even Friday night. Why do I need to do all the extra work every time? I should be talking to the boss about it.    

Geez… the platform has an eerie vibe. Or it is just in my thoughts. I wish there would have been another human here, It’s cold. No one is as stupid as me to clear up other’s messes and work late. Anyways, the next train is in another 15 minutes. Okay! I can spend 15 minutes alone. Yeah. This place is so silent, calm but eerie. STOP… thinking about eerie. And stop staring at the dark corner. I hope, I will find some passenger on the train. Why do they have to build the metro underground? They could have built it overhead, It would have been a beautiful view then.

Hey, there’s a group of boys coming. They don’t look good. I should keep a distance. I should keep myself safe. On the positive side at least I am not alone now. I should ignore them. They are staring at me It’s probably nothing. But I should keep a distance.  

Hello! Do you have some water? I am thirsty.  

Wow! She is gorgeous. Look at those big and beautiful eyes and straight long black hairs. I wish I had flawless skin and big eyes like this. Guys must have been crazy for her beauty. When did she come? I haven’t seen her coming.    

Excuse me. Do you have water? The store is close I couldn’t buy a bottle.  

Yeah. Here you go.  

She finished the entire bottle. She might have been really thirsty. At least I know now that she is a human. Well! Ghosts don’t drink water, I guess. Do they?  

Thank you. I was thirsty for a long time. I forgot my bottle at work.   

That’s ok. No problem.  

Hi! My name is Sheila.  

Hello! I am Trina. Do you always take this train?  

Yeah, most of the time. As I usually work late, cleaning up others messes always.  

Ohh! Same here. But I am not usually this late. This is the first time.  

Ohh… Lucky you.  

I have heard this station is haunted and the hauntings start just before the last metro arrives.  

Yeah! I have heard the same but never witnessed anything yet.  

Well! That’s great. Isn’t it? It is not great to witness something eerie or spooky.  

Yeah. I am happy that at least I found you today. I rarely find any passenger at this time.  

Ohh! Don’t you get scared? I mean this area is spooky.   

Nah! I guess ghosts are better than human sometimes.   

Yeah. (Faint and scared laugh) 

Is she out of her mind? Ghosts are better than human? She is insane. Geez, I should maintain a little distance. What if she is the ghost of the metro? What if she kills me? Or worse posses my body and kill someone else? Thank God at least there are more people on the platform.   

Do you know the ghost story of this station? 

No. Do you?  

Yes. I do.  

There was one lady who used to travel on the last metro every day. She was drop dead gorgeous. She used to keep to it herself always. No friends no enemies. There was one guy at her work, who was in love with her. Who used to come along with her every day after work to drop her to home. He felt that it’s his duty to keep her safe, as there was a lot of guys who were after her. One day due to more work he couldn’t come along with her. The girl was alone. That night a gang of snatchers were present on the station. They tried robbing her as she was alone and no one was available on the platform. The girl tried saving her. During this struggle, the girl falls on the tracks just before the metro arrives and she dies.  

The boy was heartbroken by this news. He thought it’s his fault. He should have protected the girl. He should have been there for her. He blamed himself for her death. Next night he jumps on tracks in front of the last metro to take his life. He dies too…They say that the girl still comes on the platform and the guy comes to protect her.  

Wow. That is amazing. That’s pure love. Though I am feeling bad for them. They did not deserve this. However, I am not scared anymore.  

You should not be. They do not mean harm to anyone.  

Hi Sheila! 

Hello Paul. I thought you will miss your train today. Trina, this is Paul. My colleague. We take the same train to home every day.  

Hi Paul!  

Hello Trina! I have never seen you before here at this time.  

Ohh! I am late today. So I have to take the last train. I do not usually travel at this time.   

That’s good. A pretty girl like you should not travel alone at this time. Do you see the group of burglars over there? You should always keep a distance from them. You never know what’s on their mind.  

Yeah. Sheila was telling me the ghost story of this platform.  

The train arrives. All three of them boards the train and the group of guys too. The train’s compartment was empty. Only these people were there. Those guys sat on the other end of the compartment, staring at Trina. However, Trina sat with Sheila and Paul. They seem nice people to her. She liked talking to them. She found that they are going on the same destination. Whereas she found it odd as they travel from the same destination every day and they have never met before.   

This two are the nicest people Trina have ever met. She was wondering what it would have been like having colleagues like this. The work would have been fun. She will enjoy working with them. She was thinking to ask them to apply for a job at her office. They have vacancies now. They are nice people, they deserve to get these positions at her work. At least she will be happy to have them with her. She has asked them to send their resumes to her email ID. She will talk to her boss about their jobs and have given her email ID to them.   

She did not realize how fast the time went while talking to them. She will be getting down on the next stop. As the other two. Those group of boys were still sitting on the other corner and staring at her. They look spooky and confused. She ignored them, as her stop came. All 3 of them got down at the platform. They walked out of the metro station. She wished them good night and reminded them to send their resumes over and shook their hands. They walked in the opposite direction than Trina. She watched them walking together until she lost sight of them. 

Trina reached home. Freshened up. Fed her dog. Had her dinner. Let the dog out in her backyard for some time. By then she cleaned her kitchen made her and dog’s bed. She thought to watch TV for a while. She watched some stupid shows. Then called her dog back. Locked the doors and walked to her bed. But she was not sleepy. The ghost story was on her head. She was feeling bad for the girl. She was thinking over and over again about them. She thought to search their story over the internet to get a good look at them and find their identity. She wanted to visit their grave to pay respect and offer flowers. She found their story on a local news agency’s site. She read the story. It is word by word the same as Sheila have explained.  

She started searching for their identity to visit their graves. She also wanted to see the girl’s picture. As everywhere it is mentioned that she was drop dead gorgeous. She found a memorial site for them, which one her colleague developed. She found their names, pictures and address to their graves. Before she could check them she got a notification for new e-mail. She checked her email. It was from Sheila. Which says : 

Hi Trina,  

We are really pleased to meet you. I hope you have reached home safe. I wanted your safe return home, as those group of boys are the ones because of whom I have died and my Paul had to commit suicide.  

I wish for your safety. Please do not take the last metro to home.   

Sheila Whitterspoon  


Trina’s heart skipped a beat. She started checking their pictures. By then she read the names: Sheila Whitterspoon and Paul Thomas. She looked at the pictures.  That’s Sheila and Paul. She met them at the metro. They walked her to her station. She gave them her email Id. They made sure that she reached her destination safely. That’s the ghost of the metro.