We never know when is the last time we are seeing our beloved. Our destiny does not even give us a chance to say the last GOODBYE to the person we never wanted to lose.

When a soldier is going for a war, his family does not know if he will come back or not. Every goodbye said every time before he leaves could be the last one. A normal person going to work on a regular day and then meeting an accident that took away his life forever, will not be able to say a last “Adios” to his family.

And the strange factor is, death is always not the reason that stops you from saying the last goodbye. There might be a couple who have been promising each other a future together and somehow all of a sudden they mess up and then ends up. Yes, I am talking about a long distance relationship here. Before leaving the city, they wave to each other and in the course of their long-distance relationship, they end up. Before leaving the city, they’d promise each other to meet again but they never realized that they were seeing each other for last time. 

Destiny could be playful at times. In this round world they might end up seeing each other again, but the thing would be changed by then. They will try their best to lose their eye contact at the earliest and run away. They might keep on staring at each other as well, but the “GOODBYE” will not be said. 

We, the human being has the tendency of being scared of losing our beloved all the time. Even though, we have the person right beside us, the fear of losing him in future ruins the present. The time, we could spend well together, should not be ruined by thinking about the future. 

Separation is always uncertain, be it for any reason. You can lose your parents, child, life partner, best friends and even your pet at any point of time and yes you will not have the time to say them “Goodbye” forever. So it is better to live every single moment with your favourite person and when he/she is gone, be it for any reason, let’s not play the blame game and cherish the togetherness in your memory forever. 

If there is any life after death, or if there is reincarnation you might meet again. As not said the goodbye, say hello then. Again, none of us knows if we really get such chance in life, but in the same life if you get a chance, don’t lose it. Go for it and say Hello every day. Because you will not be able to say “The Last Goodbye” EVER! 

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