After all those fights and utter nonsense, she left her first job.

Though once she thought it was the platform to show everyone how capable she is, but the situation did not permit! Well, being bold has always put her through tough phases, whether in college or school, or in workplace. So, she finally had to choose one, either self respect and her own-self or the “JOB”. So she chose herself!

Getting into a new job was never a tough thing for her as she knew it. But this time she was in dilemma, as she had to leave her comfort zone, her home, her beloved City, her friends, her family. She got placed in the top most brand, but to a different city. She was as excited as scared. Mamma’s little girl was getting ready to leave her lap and step ahead. Almost 1500 Km away she was yet to start all over. She was yet to explore herself all over again.


The day arrived too early. The night and the pillow witnessed her fear and tears. All the night she hugged her little babyboy “Kukku” and spoke her heart out to him, cause he was the only one she had full faith in. Who will never ever tell anyone that she only acts bold and she’s like a coconut! However, she stood strong and finally started her journey. She touched the new city with a BIG smile on her face, she had to stand strong for her parents. Yes, they came along with her to drop her, to find their little girl a safe place in that unknown city.

Though her company provided her accommodation for initial days but they did not let her parents stay with her. But God was not so cruel, her parents’ hotel found out to be within 5 minutes walking distance. The search started, and after 2 days of researches they found a “Not-so-okay” but safe place for her. She shifted, started working. She was ADJUSTING. And God forbid, the day came when she had to bid her parents goodbye till they meet again. No matter how strong she tried to keep, this time her tears did not listen to her at all. They left the city, she came back to her room.

In her mind she promised herself she will not make the same mistakes again that she made before. The girl, who always welcomed everyone with a smile and that was the sole reason she had been through all the mess, finally changed!!

The biggest challenge she faces everyday is food. Her taste buds are yet to adjust the taste they are receiving everyday. Everything she is allergic to is being fed to her. Though her body is not permitting, she is ADJUSTING. The little girl who was most scared of traffic sound now knows how to cross a road alone. In the city that sees may be the second or third highest traffic everyday, is teaching her how to ADJUST with those scary noise.

She still smiles everyday, she is still nice to everyone she comes across but now she knows her boundary. She no more calls everyone as friends, but colleagues. She is still scared to get a “FRIEND”! :)