When most of us think of the internet, we think of our everyday activities like watching videos on Youtube, sharing pictures and stories on Facebook and Instagram and talking to friends & family on Whatsapp. However, most of us are not aware that the Internet is just not about all this stuff. What we use over the Internet is just a small part of the World Wide Web.

The regular things that we do every day like Facebook, Insta, Youtube are known as Surface Web which covers just 20% of the Web. Then comes Deep Web wherein you find banking and other secure details of people. It covers 70% of the World Wide Web. Limited people have access to these details. The software that bankers or ISP’s work on are a part of the Deep Web. The remaining is Dark Web or Onion Web which is around 10% of the Web.

The Dark Web 2
It’s that shady corner of the World Wide Web where terrorists, criminals, and whistleblowers lurk. Websites on the dark web mask their data behind multiple layers of encryption (like the layers of an onion) and hence called Onion Web. It cannot be accessed by our regular browser and requires a special browser that supports Onion Routing. The Dark Web remains incredibly attractive to some of the internet users for a lot of different reasons. All in all, a secret world in itself, full of salacious activity, black markets, frauds, hackers, terrorists, and hitmen.

Most of the Scammers and Fraudulent websites use Dark Web to make sure their IP Address does not get traced. You get assassination services, eCommerce sites for buying guns and drugs, and so on. Drugs and Arms Dealers use Dark Web to sell drugs and guns all over the world. And yes! You read it right! There have been instances when people have hired hitmen to get someone killed by paying through bitcoins on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web 3

Another well-known market famous on the Dark Web is the Cannibal Market. People advertise themselves to be eaten and there are people who also respond to these ads. Somewhere in 2014, a man advertised himself that he wanted to see someone consume his penis. Another person responded to that and made his wish come true before getting arrested.

The Dark Web 4

Apart from all these, according to Wikipedia, a December 2014 study by Gareth Owen from the University of Portsmouth found that the most commonly hosted type of content on Dark Web was child pornography. Not only that but it has been famous for being home to different kinds of Snuff Movies and Pornographic Acts that are uneasy to watch. Two Kids in a Sandbox were one of the most famous pornographic videos from the Dark Web that was leaked on the surface web. Thankfully it has been taken down by the authorities. Apart from that, the sadistic side of Dark Net Porn came to light after the Arrest of Pedophile and Child Rapist Peter Scully in 2015 who made a video known as “Daisy’s Destruction” wherein three children were being sexually abused. The video is said to be the most violent of all time featuring the abuse of an 18-month-old girl named Daisy.

The Dark Web 5

One more thing that Dark Web is also famous for is The Red Room. Red Room is essentially the snuff film remade for the YouTube era. Its a place where they live stream killing through an ultraviolent act of abuse and assault on Men, Women, and Children. People pay in bitcoins and demand for the type of abuse they want to see on individuals. However, most people believe that Red Rooms are just made-up stories and they do not exist. The red room phenomenon remains an urban legend as for now.

The Dark Web 6

Statistics say that Dark Web has historically been accessed by a small minority of internet users. This means out of the billions of internet users accessing the internet every day, Dark Web is used by just 3% of them.

We live in a world where there are good and bad. There’s always good and bad side for everything including the Internet. It’s all about what’s on our mind and that leads us to browse things accordingly.