I recently came across this funny situation at my workplace that each team manager keeps comparing his score with the other manager on the floor and then decides what needs to be done to improve his scores to make sure that they’re better than their colleagues. They might forget their scores but not the person sitting in the next work station. Not only that, initially I was also asked if I’ve also had such a good manager in my previous companies who managed teams so well. To the disappointment of the person I said “Yes! Fortunately, I’ve worked with some of the best managers who manage quite well.”

Well! How does that make any sense? Why do someone compare themselves to others to find out drawbacks in themselves. Instead why don’t they look at the things they are blessed with. They never realize that doing this they not only dig a black hole in their hearts for others, but they also build unnecessary insecurities for themselves, make others loose respect for themselves and always end up being discontent with their own lives.

When you compare yourself to others, you’re not only insulting yourself but also questioning your capabilities of getting a job done. Will comparing your weaknesses with someone else’s strength make you a better person? Apart from the comparing game being useless, it’s also the best way to drop your self-confidence and be unhappy with whatever you are blessed with.

For example, I have recently started writing poetries and my brother Deep Singh is a bonafide poet who runs his own page (Click here to check out). If I compare my abilities with him then that would not only discourage me, but it will also spoil my equation with him for no reason. Instead if I look at my strengths about writing honest posts and try to improve more on it then not only I have a lot to offer but also that would make me happy.

The best way is keeping your ego aside and talk to the person that what he/she has done that makes them so good at something and apply the same ideas to yourself. You might end up adding your own inputs with their ideas and excel in the same thing than the other person.

Moreover, your only competition is You and being able to look at your strengths and work on it every day is not only a key to success but will also help you see your true value. Be it your personal or professional life, trying to be better than you were 24 hours ago and that’s all you need to do.

Comparing yourself to someone better will eventually make you unmotivated and a sore loser. I have worked as a Supervisor myself and have only looked at mine and my team’s score and have also discussed with my colleagues (who were also my competition) on how I improve in areas where my team is lagging. Their guidance adding with my individual inputs have helped me improve.

I know it is a competitive world, but the only game plan should be to think about winning and not defeating someone. If you focus and work on your strength, you’ll realize that you have enough ability to win. Stop comparing yourselves with others and you’ll find contentment.