Thursday February 21, 2019

The 3AM Version

Most of you guys would have noticed by now that I prefer posting my writings in the mornings. Well theres a reason behind that.. People usually call this a 3AM version.

The time between 3AM and 5AM takes you to your most vulnerable and honest state of mind. It takes you to the extreme level of your emotions. It brings out the realest emotions that you carry deep down and brings out the realest version of you.

It makes you happy for no reason or makes you sad for letting something or someone go. It might take the romantic idiot in you to a whole new level. Might make you angry over people. Sometimes it makes you regret over mistakes you have made. It makes you cry for doing something that you were not supposed to do or did not expected yourself to do. Sometimes you miss someone whom you were the closest once upon a time.

This is the reason why they say that the 3AM conversation you have with people are the best ones. It makes them vulnerable, honest, sensible and most importantly it makes them themselves.

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