Have you ever wondered why ephemeral things are often quite beautiful and elusive? It curbs your attention at a glance, be it a beautiful flower which lives for a day or two, or a firefly which lives for a night or butterflies which lives for a few weeks.

This is true for people too, who cross our paths and our hearts and we fall for them, no matter how guarded we try to keep our-self, just to get kicked in the gut and be left with pain and dismay in the end. It is quite often that the most important life lessons are taught by people who are not going to be a part of our journey till the end. They come in our life just to make us realize what we should have never done.

Probably the easiest way to get into someone’s head is to hit the hardest where it hurts the most. When you open yourself up next to that person trusting and incapacitating the person with the power of knowing your weaknesses and placing your trust at the same time, that may be, any undue advantages will not be taken. Lest you knew that not everyone who pretends to befriend cares.

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Most of the betrayals generally come from the people we love the most. Be it our closest friend, our family member or the person we love your heart out. As long as we serve their purpose all is well.

As soon as it starts hurting their personal interest it takes no time for them to cut you out of their lives. Who cares even if the other person is dead or alive. A small tiff can turn into a never-ending goodbye just like that and you are left questioning yourself ‘Why me’.

Such people give us scar so deep that the void lasts ages and at times those never heal. It changes us, our personality, our emotions, the feelings and most importantly our ability to trust anyone anymore.

We get so closed and guarded that we seldom tend to open up or think of pouring our heart out in front of anyone. Because we don’t want those blatant lies of help and healing. Those big jargons of friendship and everlasting promises, which are always meant to be broken. Because we get apprehensive about the pain of loneliness that has to be endured post the companionship.

We, as a result, become so confined that we sink into our mental claustrophobia so deep that, we tend to go a little more hopeless and a little hollow for the rest of our lives. Maybe this is how the world and life is defined to be.

After-all, this world is of course not a happy place for everyone.

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