To all the parents out there! This blog is dedicated to each and everyone of you from all the kids. I know they do not get much for thanking you enough, any which way, thank you is for the strangers, not for the loved one.


I am sure, all of us has gone through this thoughts at least once in a lifetime, but hardly few could put it into words. Since the day we are in our mothers’ wombs our parents started caring for us. Always having the thought of our nutrition when in womb and making sure that we take birth with good health, was the first step of parenting. The day we take birth, slowly slowly, all the other responsibilities start coming into picture. From feeding us time to time, changing our clothes and diapers, bathing us, singing us lullaby, making us fall asleep, everything they do without any complaint. Every single day as we grow up, financing our education, our food, our necessities and last but never the least, providing us all those luxuries we demand, their never-ending duties go on. From handling the complaints in parents-teacher meet, till taking care of their grandchildren, our parents never put a fullstop to this journey, till the last breath! 

Some of us might not have been a good child at all, but once we become a parents, we surely realize our mistake. Sending our parents to old-age home, cause we became busy with handling our daily busy schedule, is the worst thing a parent deserves. Imagine, if they would have sent us to the orphanage, cause they also had works to do, where we have been today! 

We all certainly understand, today is a competition and we all are running behind success, but what if you were abandoned as a child, what if they were not awake all those nights when you were sick? Would you have ever been able to stand up even? 

I am a grown up today and not yet a parent, but I am staying away from mine. Each and every minute I thank my parents for never giving up on me, for never leaving me alone when I was down, for keeping faith in me when everyone else made fun of me. Being the only child of my parents, I have a lot of responsibilities towards them and that will never be enough compared to what they did for me. But my decision of going away from them was only because once my Dad retires, I could be back to my hometown and fulfil all what they need in their upcoming days. They will still not run out of their responsibilities and duties, however, I too do not want them to lose their smile for a single minute and feeling proud of having a daughter like me; as I feel proud of having parents like them. 


Some of us might need to stay away from our parents for a longer time, but it is a humble request from me, don’t ever let them feel that you’re away. In the days of good internet and thousands of ways to reach them, show your face at least twice to them so that they get a smile on their face in those old-age days. They deserve it! They do not need any gifts from you. All they need is you. In the old days they too become a child like you were when you were born. So it’s time for you to take care of them the same way they did. 


Share this blog with your parents to say “SORRY” for all the troubles you caused to them everyday for which they never complaint, to say “SORRY” for all the fights you got into, with them. Let them know today that you love them and you are always there with them. It’s probably not too late folks, you need not to wait for mother’s day or father’s day as every day is PARENTS’ DAY! Don’t ever take them for granted, nature could be cruel to you.