Everyone have their own style statement and fashion sense. We all are obsessed with looking good and keep on updating our wardrobe round the year. Fashion is all about being comfortable and confident enough to carry whatever you wear. In today’s generation theres no such thing like Good Clothes or Bad Clothes. Its all about you. You have the freedom to wear whatever you like. If you carry things with all the confidence, you will look good in it even if its totally bizzare and does not look good on you.
Speaking about my own self, I’m a rugged blue collar guy. I hate wearing the regular formals or business casuals. I find them too boring. Even if I wear, I give them my own touch so that people don’t find it to be the regular stuff.

T-Shirts Speak Louder than Words 2

I know this is quite Insane!😂

I tried being normal and wearing regular clothes and had a regular beard but the person that reflected in the mirror everytime I looked bored me to death.

T-Shirts Speak Louder than Words 3

I looked old too.🙁

So I came back to my regular Jeff Hardy (My favourite WWE Superstar) Beard and crazy outfits (because I love Ranveer Singh). Apart from that I love getting Text-Tee’s from Bewakoof.com or wyo.com. I find it quite exciting to wear my own opinion on my T-Shirt and flaunt it to the whole world. I have around 8-10 T-Shirts with different lingo’s written and all of them represent my personality in some way or the other. Recently I got this “Apna Time Ayega” (Our Time will Come) T-Shirt which has become a rage after the song with the same title has been released for Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy.

T-Shirts Speak Louder than Words 4

Don’t mind my weird Hairstyles.😁

Apart from that I have bid adeau to those regular shirts, trouser and jeans and have got Hoopers(checkout www.bombaytroopers.com), Joggers and DropCrotch trousers.

T-Shirts Speak Louder than Words 5

Since I was in Hyderabad where its not that cool during winters, I did not needed to go for regular sweat shirts or hoodies and rather opted for a Shrug or what you call as Men’s Cardigan. Right now I’m thinking about getting some more of all of these outfits and mix them up to make things fun. People might find it crazy, funny and say that I keep on committing Fashion Crimes but hey! I was born to be happy and never to impress anyone!

T-Shirts Speak Louder than Words 6

I look Good?🤔

If wearing crazy outfits or having that weirdo beard and hairs makes you happy then why think about the society and the world. Go for it! Do something that will make atleast someone remember and follow you.

T-Shirts Speak Louder than Words 7


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