Like always, I’ve been doing a 2AM to 11AM Graveyard shift and post shift being completely drained out today I woke up at 11PM. Glad that I was able to sleep well. However, by the time I woke up there was no food left. I decided to head out to find out where exactly can I get some dinner which technically my breakfast would be.

Staying in Hi-Tech City (Hyderabad, Telangana, India), it’s not that difficult to find something to eat even when its late night but those are again just regular South Indian Food or Lebanese Shawarma which I have been eating since I landed in the city. Today I wanted to try something different and that got me to this place.

Its located exactly opposite to Dell’s Office in the Same Locality. I just saw the lights there from far away and decided to check with the food here and its seriously amazing. So, you find such stalls in almost all the Commercial Areas here. But this was something different than regular Chinese and Idly-Dosa Stall.

They do sell Chinese but apart from that there’s also, Kolkata’s Kathi Roll. I have tried Kathi Rolls since relocating here and this is the best ones in Hyderabad. They know the exact amount of spices and other ingredients that are supposed to be added. For a moment I started getting nostalgic and missing home.

Moving forward, they also sell Idly and Dosa but there’s again a twist. They sell 99 Varieties of Dosa’s there. I mean apart from Masala-Upma and Rava Dosa, have you ever had Chinese Dosa? Or Schezwan Baby Corn Dosa? Chilly Cheese Dosa? Nope? Please try these and you will love it.

After I was done with the food, I saw a man sitting with a small table in front of him. I went forward to check and this gentleman was selling all the sweet dishes that you either get to eat in Hyderabadi Marriages or Hotels. I ate Kaddu ki Kheer (Bottleguard Porridge) and it was the perfect post food sweet with minimal amount of sweetener that won’t irritate your mouth with excess sugar.

I needed some chai (Tea) too and that too was available. Moreover, it was Irani Chai. Unfortunately, I had no cash. “Pay through Paytm!” the ChaiWala said. This is the best part. Even if you go there cashless with just your mobile phone, you can pay at all the stalls digitally through PayTM, Google Pay or PhonePe.

By the time I reached home, I had eaten a lot and felt it could be sufficient for the next two to three days. ?
Just a Joke!

So, it’s just a recommendation for people who stay nearby to try visiting these stalls and checkout the food. The even better part is, they’re open all night. So, you know where to go when you plan a night out with your friends now.

P.S. Feel free to share your recommendation of you know any such place in any city.