Confidence is not a feeling where you need to feel superior from others, whereas it is a silent inner knowledge that you are capable to face the upcoming challenges that life throws at you.

Stop your doubts and build confidence with your daily activities | 7 Points that lead to a confident you 2

There are enough critics surrounding us, who will question your moves, ability, judge your ideas, plans and desires. There will always be some people, who can never agree upon one common ground and they would furthermore not hesitate to lower your self-esteem with their overpowering advice. Your confidence will make you feel secure and believe in your own capabilities.

Now, it doesn’t mean you have to be good at everything. It means you’re willing to give everything you believe there is a chance in. Try what you feel is right and see what happens. And if you fall flat on your face you would either walk away, having tried it, or you would try again until you get that right.

Here are a few tips which I keep in my mind to build my confidence level for everyday life. These help me to transform into a person who is comfortable in the way who I am.
If possible, write it on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere where you spend most of your time, or in a place where it catches your eyes.

1. Loose Toxic people from life:

Get rid of toxic people from your life immediately. And yes, even if they are your closest.

Stop your doubts and build confidence with your daily activities | 7 Points that lead to a confident you 3

I know, it sounds difficult but believe me, these hazardous people will force you to die with thousands of regrets – Oh Yes! All thanks to their malicious intent.

You know who they are, as soon as you are reading this point… Don’t deny it. Please understand, you may love them a lot, but you can’t change a person.

At times, it is better to let them go and lighten your inner burdens.

2. Practice journaling:

Every morning right after you get up, write 5-10 things you like about yourself and you are grateful for. It will start your day with a positive note and set your mood.

This would be the best option to boost your self-esteem, remind you of your successes and strengths. Trust me guys, being aware of your achievements will gradually build up your confidence level.

3. Stop comparing/ complaining:

Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you are better than everyone, it’s walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.

Stop complaining or getting embarrassed of your shortcomings!! Pinch yourself hard every time you catch yourself complaining about someone or a situation.

The more you complain about problems or compare yourself with others, the more you generate self-hatred for yourself. Understand you are a unique individual and shift your focus on your path only.

4. Visualize your dream:

I am sure you have someone who you really admire. It may be someone from your own circle, or someone you see online, doesn’t matter. Imagine yourself walking, talking, sitting, eating like the person who you want to become. Feel the thrill and passion.

Stop your doubts and build confidence with your daily activities | 7 Points that lead to a confident you 4

Read the post about setting your dreams correctly here.

There are so many videos and podcasts about “A day in the life of an engineer/businessman/ student/ working mom”.

You can follow it, see a glimpse of someone’s daily routine and prepare yourself to the same place. Trust me your dreams seems easier to execute, if you can visualize it.

#personal tip: I am a sensitive person. I love to watch Shinchan (A 5 year old cartoon character, a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the series) who is very mischievous, with incredible self-confidence, and not very emotionally inclined. Some time when I feel sensitive with any rejection or a comment, I try to think what will shin-chan do in this situation. You know, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it! 😛

5. Help others:

Stop your doubts and build confidence with your daily activities | 7 Points that lead to a confident you 5

Empower and compliment others. Compliment random strangers, write a beautiful note to someone whose work you like, help others to grow in their business, give some ideas to someone who just started a business, share your knowledge honestly when you see a person is stuck to a point.

Remember, Leaders Empower others. Losers criticize.

6. Set your goal:

Set your goals specifically and go for it. When you make a concrete decision, you feel three times more focused and motivated to go and get it.

Start it with carefully considering what you want to achieve in your life, how you want to lead your life define your terms and ready to put your hard work and honest efforts to it.

There’s nothing can stop you. I promise.

7. Reward yourself:

Stop your doubts and build confidence with your daily activities | 7 Points that lead to a confident you 6

Celebrate your small successes towards your goal. You started a new business and sold your first product today? You finally managed to make a cup of perfect coffee? Did you reach to your destination on time and not make someone wait for first time?

Feel proud about yourself, you are evolving. You are trying to make yourself worthy of your dreams. Celebrate this small moments and gift yourself a candy or your favorite book.

Life is simple. Don’t complicate it.

Enjoy a confident ‘You’.