As I was crossing the road today I saw a child was repairing a scooter. Judging by face he was like 10-12 years of age. I decided to stop there and observe him for sometime. I was amused to see him working with so much of concentration. Honestly I was ashamed of myself! Bunk his age. Even after being an engineer now I hardly can operate any machine! And look at  him! Isn’t he just brilliant?

After he was done he looked at the owner of the scooter, and I clearly saw the pride in his eyes! But the moment the owner did the payment all of his pride was gone and there was a little tears in his eyes. He must have expected few extra penny!

I don’t know why but i had an urge to talk to that cuteheart and so I did.

Me: Babu, kadchis keno re?(why are you crying?)
Me: kirey! bol!(say no?)
He: didi, ami sokal 9ta theke kaj korchi,ar akhon 3 tey baje, kichu khaoa hoyni, r poisao nei!(I am working since 9 a.m and I am hungry and left with no money)
Me: kano? malik poisa dayna?(why? don’t our boss pay you?)
He: hain dey! mashey 1000 taka!(he does, 1000rs per month!)
Me: taka ki koris?(what do you do with that money?)
He: amar baba nei, maa loker baritey kaj korey, boner 5 mash boyosh!(I dont have my father, my mother works as a servent, and my sister is of 5 months old!


I gave him hundred rupees cause that was only money I had for that time. Though I know it’s almost nothing but I got a huge smile in return. It made my day!!!

All what I am wondering now is if he performs such jobs so well what he can achieve in future if he gets proper surroundings and education and support?

Lots of kids like him are going through the same phase everyday, and what we are doing is pushing them in the hardworks in stead of educating them, and rather abusing them every moment,beating them up for not performing such tough jobs, creating disasters for them every single day,PUSHING them towards death even!

 And moreover not even paying them what they deserve! 

Have we ever thought what we used to do at his age?
The answer is NO!

They need education, they need food.

Dear the heads of this great society,
What will we do with LATEST TECHNOLOGIES if it doesn’t serve each and everyone equally? What will we do with DIGITIZATION if it can’t bring smile on a kid’s face?

Please lets a step forward! My 100 rs won’t do anything, but what if we all contribute together?


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