You hurt me,
Your actions, your reaction,
Every step, every move of yours, hurts me,
It hurts me badly, it breaks me,
Stop Hurting…

I loved you, I shared my secrets with you,
Gave a place to you in my heart,
But you used me,
You broke my heart, my trust
Stop Breaking…

Why couldn’t you be truthful to me,
Why couldn’t you tell me, what you wanted,
Why can’t you be faithful to me a little,
It wrecked my heart,
Stop Wrecking…

You were special to me,
Your friendship meant everything to me,
You knew you knew it all along,
Still, you did not stop,
Stop It…

I don’t want to feel it anymore,
I don’t want to be broken anymore,
I don’t want you to wreck me anymore,
I don’t want you to hurt me anymore,
Stop Hurting…

I am an different girl trying to blend in this normal world. Been addressed as "abnormally" normal. My ideas and imagination are out of this world but that's my world and I here to share my world, ideas and views with you all. This is my safe place to show my creativity.