Wednesday February 20, 2019

Stay Positive

Staying positive in today’s world is really necessary. You never know when and where you will hear gossip about you or a hate comment for you. It could be your social media, your office environment, you so-called “friends” and not to forget relatives and neighbor.

So… it is necessary that you avoid all the hate comments you hear. Don’t listen to them just ignore. I know it is tough but you have to do if you want to clear your path for whatever you aim for. Because these haters, their comments, Gossips and their negativity do nothing than distracting you from your goal.

I know it is difficult because some point in your life you have also participated in these kinds of gossips. Willingly or not that is a different question. You might feel guilty when you hear something about yourself. You might feel how that person must have felt, the gossip you have participated in. But that’s part of life. Don’t they say that you learn from your mistakes? Yeah, you do. So learn and stop. This is the time.

Where do these gossips start from? In the office? Hell yeah! However, you will not be aware that when it is starting and which one of your action have planted the seed of it. By the time you will get to know the tree will be already grown and feeding people with its fruit. There is a possibility that you are taking breaks with only one person regularly. Mostly, when the person is of your opposite sex obviously… we are still not open to homosexuality… duuuuh! If 2 boys or girls are going together always then there might be a chance that they are “just friends” but a guy and a girl… Nah Nah Nah… for sure they are seeing each other. There couldn’t be any other possibility. There is a high possibility that they are friends from college or childhood, or maybe the neighbor, or maybe they are just comfortable with each. But gossips… uhhhh… dating, sleeping together and so on.

Now the Neighbors, you are staying single (without parents or family, mostly Indians will relate to this one). Your friends are coming to your apartment regularly, most of them are of opposite sex, then for sure you are into some wrong business, otherwise, why do so many people come to your place every weekend? There are other singles staying in these areas (or God forbade if your neighbor has kids of your age), they have never seen any of their friends coming home. You know what friendship should have some limits. Oh my God, they swear on God, their kids will never do anything like this.

Social media… you might have uploaded a picture of yours, maybe a little of your skin is visible, or maybe you’re curvy, chubby, fat like me, then? Then body shaming, of course. How can you upload a picture of your curviness in this plastic world? How could you? OMG… LOL… ROFL… these are the things you hear. Sometimes when you post your thoughts into your social media account, you could be trolled for that. You could be receiving comments like… Dude grow up… Babe, please do not share emotions publicly like this. I mean… seriously? It is my account… my thoughts. It is not like I am blaming somebody. I am just sharing my thoughts. (please do not share your intimate or terrorism trial thoughts… please do not take me wrong)

I mean c’mon… It is your life and your are being judged by others. By the people who don’t even know you. They are not interested to know what you are going through or what happened to you, if you are in any problem or not. It’s just they love gossiping and cooking new stories. That’s all. So just chill… ignore and enjoy your life on your rules. Stay positive and ignore the negativity like you ignore pollution. Chao…

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  1. It’s hard sometimes but you always have to see the positive side! None of those people and comments don’t even matter at the end of the day. Just gotta live your own life! 🙂

    1. You are correct. They are jealous of someone else’s growth and happiness. That’s the main reason for all the gossips. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. I can relate this article with my life. To achieve success in our life, we have to avoid all the negative comments and only absorb positive thoughts. Thanks for sharing your views.

    1. To achieve something, you have to avoid negativity. Staying positive helps in everything. Thanks for your thoughts

  3. Yeah, that’s the world we live in. That’s why I am also very careful on what I post on social media, what I read, what I watch, what I do, etc. because people will judge me (and sometimes my family). What I say or do will be used, can be used, and may be used against me. *sigh* I stay away from people who gossip. Those who gossip about other people will most probably gossip about me behind my back. People always forget that we live in a glass house. Don’t they realize that if they can judge us, we can also judge them? They are not perfect, we can also see the imperfections behind that glass door. So I never judge others because I don’t want to be judged, plus it’s not right.

    1. I agree with you. But do expect that you are not getting judged if you are not judging. Judgemental minds gives a damn about what you are doing and what not. They know that they have to judge

  4. It’s good to try and stay positive or to see the positive things in every situation, but it’s hard, especially when people are doing everything they can to impact negativity on your life, or when someone tells me, you can’t go through life without caring what others think of you, yes I can, and by that I mean, I don’t care what a random person on the street thinks of me, because I will probably never see him again, but my family, my friends, my significant other, my colleges, that is different, people that have an impact on my life, be it a positive impact or a negative one, and they can judge me all they want, and it will affect me.

  5. Here is what I think if some one has nothing to do or has too much free time on his/her hand, it leads to gossip and other negative thoughts. I believe in keeping myself busy and ignoring everything negative and keep moving forward.

  6. It’s a waste of time to sit around worrying about what people think of you especially if those people are on the internet and are strangers. Stay positive, Yes!

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