Diary no. 1:

It’s been 9 days, I am quarantined. I am not allowed to go out of this glassroom, not allowed to touch my baby, not allowed to feed her. I can not go out and check on how my husband is doing, how my parents are doing. They come every day to see me, from outside of my room, they are not allowed to enter. I can see my baby crying outside, but I can not hear her cries. I can not wipe out the tears of my beloved. I can not touch them. Probably, I will never get to touch them again. I will not get the last hug!

Diary no. 2:

She left us today. We pleaded, we begged the doctors to let us see her once for the last time. They did not listen to us, she was packed in and was taken away to the burial ground along with 100 other people. I could not tell her that I love her, our daughter will never know how loving her mother was! It is unbearable, the whole city is crying, the whole city has turned into the burial ground, the land of death.”

Diary no. 3:

After working for straight 36 hours, I came home today. Tired, restless, clueless. All my colleagues out there are working day and night. We all are giving our best shot to save as many lives as possible but we feel helpless. It is only getting worse day by day.  All that we wanted was people to stay at home but nobody listened. Being a doctor it is not easy for us to let them just die like that. Dear God! Please send help!

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Letter to the World:

Dear Everyone,

462,684 positive cases of Corona has been confirmed by the time I am writing this post out of which 20,834 people has already left us. We, as humans, have failed, miserably!

The virus that started its journey from Wuhan, China, has traveled all over the world now creating pandemic all over the globe. 200 countries, areas or territories are witnessing the tragedy. All the higher authorities have repeatedly requested us to lock ourselves down, but we have proven to be the most educated intellectual fools!

What have we done? From the very beginning, we are destroying the world, polluting the mother nature at the worst, we have been harmful to the entire animal kingdom. And today? We are being punished for our deeds.
I accept that  China has made the biggest mistake, however, we did no less. Even after repeated alerts, we have roamed around all over the countries, we have hidden our travel history, we have spread the infection all over the family and friends and to many other unknown people.
All that we desired was “Netflix and Chill” and when we actually got a chance, we are disrespecting it. How much more careless we are going to be?
If the Government is making any rule, it definitely has some importance. Rather than making it a political debate, can we not co-operate with our Govt. and come out of this death toll? Govt. is trying their best to provide all the necessities during a lockdown, all that they are asking us is to sit back home and relax!
We are getting one chance and let’s not screw it up. Thousands of deaths all over the world is the example of what damages we have already done. We have already created a huge mess and all across the globe the doctors and nurses and the cleaning staffs are restlessly covering up our damages. The Army people are carrying dead bodies. Are we really worthy enough for these people? Can we not co-operate them just by sitting home for few days? Your clubbing can wait, your business can wait, your political fights can wait, your long drive can wait, your vacation can wait. They all will wait if and only if you are alive.
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Let us not repeat the mistakes what people have already committed and suffered for. Show some gratitude to the people fighting to save us. Show your responsibility as a citizen by doing nothing but just staying back at home.
Keep your surroundings clean.
Keep yourself sanitized.
If you have any symptoms of cold and cough/fever, do not hide. See a doctor.
Use a tissue while coughing and sneezing.
Throw the tissue in a closed dustbin after use.
If you have traveled, please do not hide it.
Do not go out until and unless it is an utmost emergency.