Hello Everyone,

This is my first post as a blogger.

Hope that the advertisements doesn’t irritate you much ?

Just a casual thought about writing a blog, and share the feelings, and here I am… writing my heart out. This is just an introductory post, where I will share my research, feelings and analysis with all the people who are thinking about writing a blog and planning a future.

First things first, my name is Samar and I am working as a full-time employee (IT Analyst) in a multinational company. I was always interested in technical stuffs from the very beginning. As of now, my friends will be helping me with the consistency with the frequency of the posts here. Hope you guys enjoy reading the stuffs here ?

When I thought about creating a blog, there were multiple points to consider in detail, which I was really confused, and to be honest, I had no idea what it takes to create and maintain a blog. These were the questions/confusions/queries, that came to my mind:

  • Blogger vs WordPress (choosing one)
  • Security
  • Registering/buying a domain
  • Monetizing the website
  • Questions regarding the content

Now the question comes, where will I get all the information because every site that I go to are busy promoting the affiliates or sponsors. So, I did my research from official bloggers and courses to get the basics right first. I will be explaining the details, without getting much into the technical details.

The first and the most important decision, is choosing the correct platform as per my requirement. Obviously the first name comes to my mind is Blogger (managed by Google), Everyone know about the giant platform and the features. There are limitations of using Blogger, for example: customization, monetizing and they can shut down the services at any point of time with/without any notice.

However, as the site is managed by Google, there is nothing to worry about to security. However, WordPress is completely free, and it is managed independently and completely. As per my requirements and preference, I chose WordPress.

Coming to security protocols, if you use Blogger, you are safe as Google takes care of everything here. If you chose WordPress, you must be aware of all the authentications, errors, redirects and everything. There are many websites who takes care of the security/backups and everything, but that’s a paid service. If you are a student or you don’t want to pay for creating and maintaining a blog, Blogger will be the best option for you.

I am not going to technical details, as it might be a bit boring, and I don’t want to bore one of my first readers. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any queries please feel free to contact us via Contact us section of the page, I will be happy to help you regarding the same.

Registering or buying a domain can be quite confusing and time taking, as we are very skeptical while choosing the names/addresses, but there are many websites which can suggest you some cool domain names. Just one suggestion: Please don’t go with “trendy names” as it will fade away with time; Now again, it’s completely your choice, how serious you are regarding writing a blog.

We all love freebies, you can go with free blogs like: WordPress/Blogger free account, However, it will be a sub-domain. For example: “example.wordpress.com” or “example.blogspot.in”, and we are aware of our beloved spammers. The chances are very less, that people will take your blogging seriously of you are using any of the sub domain blogging as it is free of cost, and almost everyone with more or less serious about blogging can create a free account. Note: I am not against free blogging, but it’s just that you might not get enough serious readers.

Monetizing the website is one of the important factors, which bloggers love, including me. There are almost 50 ways where you can make money through blogging. Examples: ads, affiliation programs, sponsored products and many others. In this section, WordPress has an upper hand, as you are the owner of the domain, you are the king (unless it’s an abuse).

I will be writing one more blog explaining the complete process of monetizing the site, after some time. Note: It literally takes years to get a good amount of readers, where you can make a good amount of money, so these methods are not quick methods of earning millions, like the other websites says.

The final question remains, what about the topic? What will my readers like, what if someone gets offended, what if it doesn’t work out…etc. etc. This list is never ending. Don’t think so much, just start it, if you are passionate about blogging, the way I started. All the very best to all of you ?

My official duty now: Please feel free to like/comment/share your thoughts, suggestions and appreciations of course ?

Thank you for reading my post and visiting mood recipes.

Have a nice day.

I am the founder & admin of TheMoodRecipes. I am an IT professional, working for a multinational company. I always wanted a platform to express my views, motivate others and help others figure out the issues, without any restriction or fabrications.