Love, one of the most complicated human emotions.

Some times it takes an entire lifetime to realize what it is all about and sometimes, it’s just the right moment, place and time. So who are soulmates and do they exist for real? Most of us believe in the ideology that there exists a soul for every other soul in this universe, who is there to love us, lift us and meant to be together for eternity, while there also exist people who don’t believe the Utopian context of love and discard it outright.

Most of the times, two people who are meant to be together, no matter what will fall together and sometimes even  moving mountains are not enough to bridge the gaps and voids. Soulmates are those people, those missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life who fits into it perfectly, without even trying much. And even if you are passively, you don’t even feel because there is this energy that polarizes so well with the other that you don’t feel enervated instead, it recharges you every time. Fills you with happiness, gratitude and sometimes even bringing out the creativity in you, which you weren’t aware of. A soulmate always ends up lending you a part of their energies that lets you bring out the best in you.

It sometimes might take ages for few people to end up with their soulmate, the other best half of themselves and few lucky people may find it at an early stage of their lives. But just because you still didn’t come across one,  it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are there, somewhere, and you don’t need to go out searching for them. They will find you eventually if they have to, because your energies are aligned. They are sometimes around you and you just don’t realize that they have been here all these while. All it needs is the right timing. 

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Life is incredibly strange, and at times things the strangest  things happen in the most weird possible way ever. We are just too small to see things impending to certain events, which ends up changing the course of our lives. But like they say, everything happens for a reason and all we are left with lessons and sometimes memories to look back to. Few people cross our lives just to be a chapter in it. It may be hard for us to accept it at that point of time, but eventually we will have to let them go since they are not meant to be in our lives for any longer. 

However, soulmates, no matter what, will always find their way into your life. It may take time, or maybe you are united with them after a brief separation, since the time you met them first wasn’t ‘your’ time. But they will and they have to come back to your life, to fill that missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle. Because in the end, everything makes sense and you will end up with the one you are meant to be. True love is always liberating!

All love!

This post is written by Moumita Ghosh. Follow The Mood Recipes for more blog posts and articles.