Being a GIRL it is really hard to keep myself away from Guys!

Shocked? Already judged my character?

Well, I least care cause it is you guys who won’t stay away from us.

Yes, you must be thinking what am I saying this and why am I saying this! Let’s go ahead with this.

There are thousands of social media applications today to reach out one person and well, it is being well used. Be it school, college or a new workplace, whenever a new girl enters it does not really take much time one to know her name and then guess what!

Flood of “Hi Beautiful”/”Hello Dear”or rather at least a wave in the social app. Well, some of us like me are lucky that our profile is not public and the flood does not directly drive us away. Clicking on “decline all/reject all” makes the job easier for us. But yes, there are thousands of profiles where it is not a private profile and oh pity them. Shower is on! If she sees the message and does not reply, she is “Rude”. If she replies she is interested in you. Now considering her interested in you if she gets friendly she is a slut and if she only says “Hello/hi/Bye-bye” she is arrogant. And the bummer, in case she gets ready to meet you bang on dude. You on a jackpot!

Now tell me how did her social media profile gives you a hint that she is ready to sleep with you? As we all know it is all a girl’s fault she probably had uploaded a pic that shows her “Cleavage” a little too much! But guess what, you are such a holy person that it arouse you. Her pictures go viral in your private group stating that “Bro it’s a hint!”

Well well well! Yes “Bro”it is a hint. It hints that she is hot, it hints that she is bold enough to wear anything and carry it in her own way. And yes, it is a hint that you are a judgemental asshole too.

Now comes the other side. A girl not so hot or sexy according to you and not getting attention at all from her batchmates and colleagues and no shower or flood of friend request or even a single “Hi” only comes in attention when there is a project or assignment due date. Well, yes that is the time she gets lot of attention. And again as the time goes on “that flat boob bitch” becomes useless again.

Before calling me a feminist yes yes I know and I remember that girls too end up texting some guys and the initiative goes from our end. The guy must either be way too handsome or way too rich. No matter what those guys inbox might be flooding too. But somehow when the new spreads no matter what it is the Girl who is the bitch in all the scenarios.

Reason we chose the picture of this blog cause we already know this going to attract the eyes! Live example you know!

But may I know WHY?