I recently visited one of my relatives’ place. I was about to meet them after about 10 years and I remember how we all used to have a great time playing around during our childhood days. I was quite excited about staying with them. Now all grown up, they were typically the people you would love to hang out with and party every weekend. We all had great conversations over social media and I regularly followed their posts and pictures wherein they would attend almost every party in the city. We made loads of plans over messages before I reached there.

My expectations came crashing down when I met them and stayed with them. They were not at all like they looked in their Facebook pictures. It’s not only me, the family members hardly spoke to each other. Most of the time they were all busy with their cell phones or sleeping. I felt like a tourist staying in a lodging facility there because they did not converse properly with me and acted like a tour guide every time we have been out. The only thing they were good at was clicking and posing for pictures which fooled everyone over social media.

Initially, I thought they might be going through some issues among them and I might have visited at the wrong time. Later, when I met some people who are close to the family and meet regularly, I found that they all literally (the family and the people they meet) hated each other because they couldn’t stop backbiting about one another all the time. It became quite frustrating for me to be in a place with four other members and not being able to talk to anyone because they never spoke. Even if you tried talking to them, they would either not reply in a proper way or go to sleep. In fact, the only thing my uncle asked me every day was “Did you had your dinner?”

I had to cut short my trip and run back home because I found it difficult to stay in a place like that. But the whole experience gave me a lesson that the World is Not at all how it looks like, especially not on social media.

You might be seeing a happy family or happy couple in those pictures they upload on Facebook or Instagram but are they as happy as they look in their picture? I guess most of them are not. We see a lot of pictures being posted by our beloved Celebs all over the social media but are they all as enthusiastic as they look in those pictures? People nowadays aren’t always as they seem to be.

Especially with social media, you can create the illusion that you’re completely different than how you really are. It’s quite easy to manipulate things.

Most of us show the best of ourselves and omit everything that would leave a negative impression of us, something we can’t exactly do effectively in person. There are very few people, who haven’t lied on the internet or hidden certain parts of their life to make themselves look good. Some of them look like a great conversationalist over those WhatsApp or Messenger Chats but they are hardly able to speak when they meet you up in person.

The result with this mindset will be that you’ll never be satisfied with what you have and will always crave for more. This literally becomes a cycle where you become constantly unsatisfied with yourself and your self-esteem keeps dropping, even to the point of depression.

I’m not saying that Social Media is bad and should never be used. In fact, I’m one of the most Active Facebook and Instagram users among my friends. Honestly, social media is a great way to keep up with the lives of your friends and family. Some jokes and entertainment pages also help you to lighten up your mood after the hectic work at home or your office. Also, it’s great a great platform for making new friends or catching up with those old friends that you haven’t spoken to in a long time. If used incorrectly, however, social media can have consequences and cause a lot of physical, mental and emotional problems.

Sharing the little you have with those in need can turn around a life without you realizing it..
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