“Most of us die at the age of 30. Just buried at the age of 70.”

In our everyday struggle of running behind targets and money and people, there’s one thing that we have always been at loss with. Nope! I’m not talking about being happy. I’ve already spoken about it. But its something that’s a part of happiness and that is Smiling. If the statistics are to be believed, a child smiles around 400 times a day. The same child smiles around 15 times a day as it grows into an adult. Isn’t that a loss?

I’ve usually heard people saying “I’ve got no reason to Smile. There’s nothing funny happening around me that will make me smile.” Another person said that “Smiling is not that fashionable now.” Even if you go around checking out the Social Media you’ll see how people say they don’t smile anymore. For some of them, its quite evident in their pictures as well.


Most of them share posts and let everyone know how depressed they are. They think its in trend or fun to make jokes on being depressed and hating people around for no reason while its absolutely not.


Its neither possible nor necessary that there should be something funny or entertaining happening around you all the time which will make you smile or happy. Its just the feeling of “Being Alive” that should be enough to bring a smile on your face. Your love for your life is enough to keep you smiling. Smile is a gift given to us by the nature and we should not be needing a reason to smile every time. When we smile, we release happy hormones. The more we smile, the happier and healthier we become. Its also one of the key ingredients of success and long lasting relationships (personal and professional). Moreover, I can assure you that you look much better smiling than when you do not. So try smiling while clicking that selfie next time and you’ll see the difference in comments you get.


I love this Granny actually!❤

According to the famous Spiritual Teacher, Preetha Krishna, If we go by the science of gravity which is the downward pull, everything that defies gravity, grows. If we look at the trees, they defy the gravity and they grow higher and surge into the skies. However, in our everyday experience of life, there comes a time when we constantly give in to gravity. Its the downward tug or the downward pull of our lips. So its better to some times make a conscious effort to smile. When we smile, we do not give in to gravity and conquer the downward pull.

Smiling and being happy is a Skill that you need to practice everyday. There’s nothing much you need to do. Just say to yourself that “I choose to smile” everyday when you wake up. And the best thing about it is.. Its completely free.

So.. Did you smile today?