Hey, you yes you reading this you have a beautiful smile. Have you ever noticed that your smile could make up someone’s day? Everyone is in their battle to live their lives better! We never know who is going through what situations in their lives. Being a human what we can give our fellow human beings is a little kindness. Being kind to others no matter who the person is can make a difference to society and a sweet simple smile can make a massive difference in someone’s life. Imagine a world where everyone is kind to everyone no one is ashamed or judged by others rather they are loved and respected, cool right!

Next time when you go out just try this, smile at random persons you come across and notice how you feel when someone smiles back. Moreover, you never know you might help someone get through a difficult situation or just let him or her think the other way round he or she thinks right now. There are genuine studies that show that a smile can make people happier. Have you ever felt you are happier when you are around a kid? This is because they smile and laugh more. So, just enjoy if you come across one or have one and smile or laugh your heart out with them.

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You might be damn rich having everything you wish for but without happiness. That is the worst life anyone could have. People that make you happy and smile is more important than expensive gifts without love and kindness. People with kindness, love, and smiles around us keep us going even in our toughest times. I do have friends and family in my life that spread love and smile, who teach to be positive at my most depressing phase of life. They remind me of how beautiful life is and it is worth living, how the simplest of things can make us happy. I feel blessed surrounded by such lovely friends and family.

Have you noticed when you enter a party the person who smiles and laughs and makes others laugh is the one who lightens up the whole evening? Some smile without any reason they smile when they see someone, when they enter a room, when they see something beautiful they are not crazy but it is their attitude towards life. You will not believe but a smile is a powerful tool, when you are feeling the darkest or lowest smiling would help you feel better, changing your mood with a smile will change your inner feeling. Well if you are not a smiling person just practice it, smile at yourself looking into the mirror, say to yourself I want to be happy and you will see wonders happening.

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I love looking at people with a smile, they always have a positive aura and they brighten up everywhere they go. I notice my daughter smiling and waving hi or a bye whenever we stop at a petrol station. The person receiving it surprisingly feels happy all of a sudden, he has a hectic day filling the petrol all day standing in heat, rains and cold a simple smile might make his day. A smile is a simple gesture of kindness, it is not as if you need to get something or have a reason to smile. It just takes thought how lucky are you to have this life and how better you are doing than your fellow being, and what you can do to make other’s life better too. I know everyone is in their hardships to earn money and live better but in this race, people often forget themselves and forget to be kind.

My dearest fellow beings “we are here just for a while, so why all this haste just pause and smile”. Take time for yourself smile at the simplest of things help each other, it is then you will know life is more than just making money. God has made all this wonderful nature for you to look around smell the earth smile at its beauty and you will heal like never before.

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We can never control what will happen to us, but being happy and kind can change your life experience. Wear your smile always it is the most precious jewel you have. Promise yourself to be happy and positive every day whatever may come. Just show your Colgate or close up or pepsodent whatever teeth to everyone you meet. The most important thing is you need to be sure you have brushed your teeth and then just “SMILE”.

This post is written by Kavitha Kaviraj. Follow The Mood Recipes for more blogs.

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