We all know a person in the group, who loves to show off, isn’t it?

Whenever you scroll down your Facebook/Twitter feed you see a bunch of people sharing some of the useless and out of the box relationships, vacations, and expensive gadgets for no reason. Take a moment out to Mark Zuckerberg, for gifting us with unblock and unfollow button.

There are situations where you really need to show off, for example, if you are appearing for an interview. In this situation, you really need to show off your skills. Your curriculum vitae is also a kind of show off, that’s the positive one which no one has problems with.

Let’s talk about the negative side of the show off, which can also be called as snobbery/bragging.

Why do people show off?

Insecurities. People who are constantly bragging about their great lifestyle, their elite education, or their fantastic children may very well be doing so to convince themselves that they really do have worth. Just remember, A person might feel like showing off his power only when he believes that he is less powerful than you.

Social Acceptance and patronage. Show offs think that they are rejected socially, and people are not accepting them, that’s one of the reason, why people love to show off so that they are accepted as a part of the society they belong. People that show off are not rude or jerk, but they just need some love and acceptance from the society.

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Showing off for personal gain or motif. People love showing off when it is regarding some personal or professional gain, for example, a person appearing in the interview. We can take another example here, if a person has multiple cars, and he is going for a business deal, he will take the most luxurious and the expensive one, so that the clients or business partners notices the car.

Showing off to someone special. People usually show off in front of the person, with whom they are attracted to gain acceptance and the desired attention. This is not awful or wrong, as this is how human psychology works. It comes on automatically, though the other person might/might not like it, but it can’t be said as wrong.

Childhood/past Experiences. Possible factors are that they were the only child, or the youngest which made them the center of attraction at every possible situation. After growing up, when the same kid doesn’t get the same amount of attention, there are high chances that the adult starts showing off, to be the center of attraction.

Some of the landmark achievements of these show off people:

People buying clothes just to post photos on Instagram and then returning them. Link to the post.

Do me a favor,
Scroll your news feed today, and let me know in the comment section how many people you see posting pictures with their mother or father? I am not telling that showing love to your parents in social media is wrong, but showing it in a day, will just only earn you a badge of hypocrite, not social acceptance.

There are more than 100 companies, which is offering BOT likes, BOT follows to a social media handle, and guess what, people are buying it, Seriously? You people are seriously buying Facebook and Instagram likes?

Let’s have a look, at what some of the famous bloggers has to say about showing off.

Sandy says:

The act of extensively showing off is a characteristic that most people don’t appreciate. I believe that showing off is perfectly fine if it’s not done with the intent to put others down. In today’s social media world, it’s much too easy to not only post and show off, but also to misinterpret others’ reasons for the post. If someone is proud of their success, whether they be minor or major (to be determined by everyone), let them be happy. My problem with showing off comes when individuals become a fake persona online or do so because they feel inferior to others.

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Timisha says:

I think people who show off don’t do things because they enjoy the activity, but because they enjoy the attention. Usually once the attention dies, their passion of that activity will die too.

You can read her blogs here.
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How to deal with these show offs?

Don’t ignore them. These people will continue to show off or seek attention until they get it. So, in this situation, ignoring them might trigger more showing off strategies, which is quite awful to the people seeing it.

Don’t gang up. As these people are craving for social acceptance and patronage, rejecting them socially or making fun of them, might make them aggressive or as said earlier, it might trigger more strategies to show off to the people ganging up against them.

Do not compete. If one of your friend is showing of the list of achievements, relationships or job, just simply accept it, if you want to avoid the awful situation. To make it simpler, who will be the judge, to decide someone has a better partner, better job or better achievements? It is simply not possible.

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