Its about one of the Most Awaited Shows of the Year, the 35th Edition of WWE Wrestlemania. Apart from the Event and the Matches, the WWE Universe also crazily waits to see the Wrestlemania Stage which has never failed to blow our minds over the years. However it looked totally disappointing this year in what seemed like the WWE management had gone to Best Buy and got the Biggest LED TV they could get. They managed to back that up with some awesome pyros which are missing from the usual. WWE Shows nowadays. Nevertheless they made everything up by putting up a great show.

Starting with the Kick-Off Show, the Cruiserweight Division never fails to amaze the audience with their hi-flying moves. It was no different this year when Tony Nese Squared-off Against Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Without the blink of an eye, it was a well-deserved winner when Tony Nese Pinned Buddy Murphy to become the New Champion. Coming to the Women’s Battle Royal, honestly such matches don’t deserve to be on the Kick-Offs. Each and every woman in the Ring worked to put on a great show. Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan turned out to be a Great Show for the first time. Ember Moon, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Ruby Riott were great as always. Naomi and Asuka were eliminated quite nearly ans should have stayed for a longer time. No doubt Carmella was a Well Deserved Win but it would have been great to see Sarah Logan win too(which we thought happened until Carmella popped from the ring side).

Finally, the 269 days loosing streak of Curt Hawkins came to an end when he and his Tag Team Partner, Zack Ryder defeated The Revival for the WWE Tag Team Titles. It was good to see The Edge Heads finally get what they deserve.

Unlike the Women’s Battle Royal, the Men’s Andre the Giant Battle Royal was a disappointment. Maybe because of the ring being over crowded by unnecessary people like Colin Jost and Micheal Che. Apart from them there were The Ascension who were absent almost all the year and suddenly were seen in the Ring. Sad to see an awesome worker like Andrade Cien Almas being booked to Eliminate himself by mistake. The Hardy Boyz looked Enigmatic as always. Matt Hardy has never failed to impress with his great shape and nostalgic Hardyz Attire since his return last month. It was great to see the Return of Luke Harper. Brawn Strowman winning the Battle Royal was quite predictable unlike Carmella.

Coming to the main show, the Host of Wrestlemania, Alexa Bliss truly the Goddess as she claims to be and it added more awesomeness when she introduced Hulk Hogan to join her.

It was unexpected to see the Seth Rollins V/S Brock Lesnar so early but it was all worth it. The beast slayer kept his word and slayed the beast as he said. Haters all might say that he used a Cheap Low Blow to level the brutal Pre Match Assault by Lesnar but years later, we’ll only remember that The Architect defeated the Beast Incarnate to become the New WWE Universal Champion irrespective of how he won.

Showcase of the Immortals: Wrestlemania35 as a Fan 2

The Beast Slayed!

AJ Styles and Randy Orton had a decent match exhibitioning their world class moves. Though Orton managed to hit Styles with an RKO but came short and could not managed to escape the Phenomenal Forearm.
Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships was magical in itself. Every superstar and every tag team got their own opportunity to showcase their moves. However it was Cesaro who took the spotlight with his Cesaro Spin on Ricochet while Sheamus served the others with Beats of Bodhran. Its always great to see The Usos win and it was no different feeling when the 6-Times-Tag Team Champs won once again.
I don’t know how others feel but I find it hard to hate Shane McMahon. Call it his nature or his face but his reluctancy to play a heel is quite evident. Miz’s father interfering in the match was not needed at all. Going by the story line, Shane McMahon deserved the beating he ot from The Miz in their Falls Count Anywhere Match. Its after a long time the audience got to see a Fight going all over the Stadium. The Suplex from the top of the Camera Stage was the Cherry on top. It was quite unfortunate to see Shane McMahon winning the bout just because his shoulder was on top of Miz’s.

Forget the match and the competitors, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Belts itself look extremely attractive. It looks like something that just motivates women to win them. The Women in the Match twinned very well making them look like the Tag Teams. The matched was good. Beth Phoenix fought like she has never gone anywhere. She never missed a step. Surprisingly the winners were The Iiconics! Well! That seriously was IICONIC! They deserve it all.

Showcase of the Immortals: Wrestlemania35 as a Fan 3

Party Started Down Under!

Talking about the WWE Champion, the cheers were all about KofiMania. Personally I felt a bit disappointed to see The New Day making their entrance the usual way while they were supposed to be given a special ones. Not only the WWE Universe but also the Locker Room was seen supporting Kofi Kingston. That on the other hand did not discourage Daniel Bryan, the man who very well plays a Face and a Heel. Both the competitors put on a high flying and rough neck bout with everyone on the tip. 11 Years in the Making and finally it was Kofi Kingston who was the New WWE Champion! One of the most teary victory in the WWE History it was a pleasure to see Kofi being handed the Actual Black Leather WWE Championship Belt and his kids flying the latest New Day T-Shirt into the audience. Kofi Kingston is not only the New WWE Champion but also an example for Hope, Dedication and Determination.

Showcase of the Immortals: Wrestlemania35 as a Fan 4

Theres always Hope!

It was sad to see a match between veterans like Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio for the United States Title end so soon. Maybe it was because of Rey Mysterio’s Ankle Injury that they had to end the match so soon but if given a proper ring time, the men would have done wonders.
The match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre was supposed to have happened much earlier (atleast before the WWE Championship Match). Pushing the match later made it looked bit dull. It was good to see Roman Reigns back in the Ring and getting the Response that he deserve.
From Last Decade, Wrestlemania has been incomplete without John Cena but he did return and to everyone’s delight, it was not the usual Cenation Soldier but the Vintage Doctor of Thuganomics that came out. The Word Life Rapper came out to ruin Elias’ concert and fed him with some FU before leaving.

Showcase of the Immortals: Wrestlemania35 as a Fan 5

Word Life!

Another returning Superstar was Dave Batista who made his entrance in style (thouhh he tripped while entering the ring) to square-off againts former friend and Evolution stablemate Triple-H. The Game did not disappointed either with his entrance. Now 49, and Batista, 50 looked in great shape and like always put on a show that you’d never forget. The No Holds Barred Match was Brutal as promised. Theres always an adrenaline rush when theres a Sledge Hammer in Triple-H’s hand. Though he just got to use it once in the match but that was an apple of the eye. Handing the Sledge Hammer to his Best Friend, Ric Flair’s much needed presence was the cherry on the cake when Triple-H Pinned Batista.

I have no idea why the WWE treated a Veteran Superstar Kurt Angle like a piece of Trash before even on his farewell match. Him loosing his last match against someone like Baron Corbin was just not something that anyone was looking forward to.
The Demon King finally arrived at Wrestlemania and it was an incedible view. Finn Balor Proved why he is called “The Extra Ordinary Man with Extra Ordinary Moves” when he Powebombed Bobby Lashley who is more than double his size before pinning him to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Finally coming to the Main Event which was History in itself when it was headlined by these Three Badass Women (Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair) for the WWE Women’s Title (Winner Takes All). Entering first, The Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey showed all the Rowdy she is while Joan Jett performed Bad Reputation Live at the Stage. Following her was the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair with all the Grace as The Queen. The Man, Becky Lynch entered the Arena with her Dry Ice Pyro to make sure she leaves with both the titles with her. The match was indeed a main event with all three women giving in everything to win. A major turn of events here lead Becky Lynch pin Ronda Rousey and take away both Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Championships home. The Man’s time has come!

Showcase of the Immortals: Wrestlemania35 as a Fan 6
Overall the event was really good. We missed the Presence of The Undertaker who has been a part of every Wrestlemania in the Past Years. It will be much interesting to see the Superstar shake ups and the story lines further following Wrestlemania.