She blushed, he smiled.

She was a vibrant, young lady.
He was a tough, straight forward guy.

She looked at him in the very first day, but what differed was,
He noticed her rather staring at her.

Day by day, they became closer.
They started becoming friends.

She found an intense feeling. But never loved.
One day he confessed his feelings in front of everyone.

She blushed. He smiled.

He asked for her hand, she allowed without giggling.

He starts with A.
She starts with Z.

After few months he left the city. She felt heart-broken but did not express. As always.
She went to bid him good bye. She felt lost when he passed the security check of the airport.

She could look at him from far. But did not say anything.
He visited to see her on a birthday. And he made a tattoo of their name.
She blushed. He smiled.

He had to go back. She hugged him and cried out loud. He patted her back. She was always a kid to him. He kissed her forehead.
She blushed. He smiled.

One day, that silly girl, mistakenly booked a ticket for him. Neither he shouted on her nor said anything. As always.
He came down. Got interviewed by chance and got a job. The most desirable one.

He take her to McD. For her favorite burger and french fries, forgetting that she is putting on. Then offered a big fat double cheese burger.
She blushed. He smiled.

What he was not aware was,

She was happy like anything after a year or so by getting him back on her arms. His smell makes her feel nostalgic. He was a blessing to her. The daring, full of passion and love, moreover the most decent guy so far.

She always blushes. He always smiles.

They say, an immature lady and matured guy makes the best bonding.
True they are.

Whenever she looks at him, it feels like a new day with lot of hopes.
He was in love with her innocence. She was in love with his tolerance. She messes up everything and he keeps on putting them in order.

His glittery eyes put sparkle on her mind.
His existence completes her numbness of mind.

He pulled her fluffy cheeks.
She blushes, he smiles.