“Look at her! She is so flat!”
“Look at her! ummm….she looks juicy!”

These statements are so common in our daily life. Every now and then, in street, in park, in school, in college, in pub no matter where we go there would be some judgmental fellow, who thinks they have all the rights on the earth to judge your “SHAPE and SIZE.”

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When I was in my school, many of my so called friends suggested me, that I should start putting up a padded bra because I had a flat body and no good boobs. My bad. And to my own disbelief I started listening to them cause I was actually ashamed on my body! You know how does those school time romance feels right? I was no exception as I started having a crush on a not so cute guy(who appeared to be cute that time and now I am happy to be judgmental that he looks like a frog). But I was fortunate enough that he did not like me as I was skinny and flat. Though it took time for me but slowly and luckily I got a good body shape when I grew up. Well I think that it is good enough and do not really care if you think it or not!

We have seen many times how one makes fun of a fat person especially when they eat. We get to hear ” How much you will eat, you will burst like a balloon” and what not. Did we ever think that maybe that person actually eats very less and dying inside to loose the body weight and nature is cruel enough to co-operate?

We don’t think before commenting on anyone irrespective of knowing how badly it is going to hurt the one’s feeling. Someone is going to gym to loose some fat from their body and some are going to put up weight to some special part of the body and last but not the least to loose those mental stress that they get in everyday and at everywhere they go.

Some people might have some birthmark on face and some might be victim of some allergy or infections which leaves permanent mark on their body. Some person might have a dark skin tone and some might be whiter than milk. And yes, BINGO, we can judge all of them! After all that increase the sale of the beauty products right? And those cosmetics companies are going to give you a good share of their profit to us after all.

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Libraries today has less crowd than gym and beauty salon cause nobody is gives a damn if you have enough knowledge but you need to be “BEAUTIFUL.”

I would love to know what exactly being beautiful means? Having a scar-less body with perfect ratio of fat in every body part does not really make one beautiful at least to me. A person who has deep knowledge and courage enough to be his/her ownself and is proud to present ownself in front of the world with the face and the figure that nature has gifted is the one who deserves to be called beautiful.