We’ve heard this a lot of times that “The way to a person’s heart is through the person’s Stomach”.

Yes, it used to be about just Men previously but that got changed after a survey in the Year 2013 which revealed that Women are equally crazy about food than Men. Since we’re all here in India, our quest and hunger for food never end and the reason for that is the huge variety of food we get here. There’s a saying here that “Taste and Language in India Change at every 20 Kilometers.” So, every area and every locality here is famous for its food variety here.
Right Food. Wrong Place. 2
I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in a lot of different cities since childhood so I’ve had the pleasure of getting the taste of a different variety of food all over the country. One thing that I have learnt during the whole process is not to be stagnant about one place regarding food. I mean if you’re travelling, it’s necessary to accept the fact that you will not get things the same way how it was in the place you previously stayed and that also includes food. Every place has its own speciality and taste in the food they give and it is unfair on their part that we try to find the same taste that we had in the previous place. There’s a difference in a lot of things even when the same dish is prepared in two different places.

Let’s take an example of Biryani; some of the famous Biryanis in India are Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Kolkata and Kashmiri. They’re all made differently. Starting with Lucknowi Biryani (also known as Awadhi Biryani), it has a mild flavour and is lighter on the stomach. Quite like it is the Kolkata Biryani but Potatoes play an integral part here adding a unique taste to it. The Kashmiri Biryani all in all has a completely different taste and aroma. Its sprinkled with a lot of mint leaves rose water and saffron. Coming to the Hyderabadi Biryani, it is much spicier than the other three and is one of the most aromatic among all of them.

Right Food. Wrong Place. 3
Each one of them has their own unique taste and is loved by people. If we try to find the taste of Kolkata’s biryani while having a Hyderabadi or Kashmiri Biryani, then we’ll obviously get disappointed. Forget regional comparison, even if I and my neighbour prepare the same dish, there will be a huge difference in the taste. So, it’s unfair to compare food among two completely different places even though if they’re from the same genre (did I say that correctly?).

One more thing that I have seen people crying over all the time is the Food they get in their Workplace. Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve never seen people saying anything good about the food they get in the cafeteria. I feel sad to break the news to them that it’s after all a Cafeteria and not a Restaurant. Their only motive is to make sure you’re healthy enough to work well back on the floor. They prepare food in a healthy way only so that you can refuel yourselves and then go back to work. Comparing that with what you get in a restaurant, where the motive itself of every person is to mesmerize you with their food is a different level of stupidity.

Right Food. Wrong Place. 4
It’s always good to stop comparing and start enjoying the things the way they’re supposed to be. When we compare something, we keep complaining about everything for no reason and end up being disappointed all the time. My opinion about my food preference and choice is well explained by a brother who says, “You prove to be a true foodie only when you start believing the fact that there is no such thing in this world known as Good Food or Bad Food. It’s Just Food.”