Firstly, Ramadan Kareem to All the readers. May the Holy Month Purify our souls and fill our life with Joy and Prosperity.

This has been a debate since a long time that is it okay to work out during Ramadan or not. Before making any comments on this I just want to say that I’m not a fitness expert but a fitness enthusiast who love working out and love helping people in the same regards.

Speaking about what to do during Ramadan with your gym schedule. Well! it depends on the duration of your fast. If you’re fasting for more than 16 hours then I would recommend that you do not work out for a month as that might adversely affect your health. If its somewhere less than 16 hours, then you can make time to work out which is still not mandate. This one month is all about not straining your body.

I tried experimenting with my Workouts schedules during Ramadan over the years and finally found something that was suitable for me. First, I tried to work out just before breaking my fast which was not the right idea. You’re already dehydrated and have not consumed anything since early morning. So, there are higher chances that you might feel dizzy or even faint if you work out before breaking the fast.
The second one is a much better option which is the time after you break your fast or before Suhoor.

Working out after breaking your fast is quite good as you’re hydrated and have consumed enough yumfood. So, you’ll be able to work out quite smoothly. Same regarding working out before Suhoor. You had enough food and water, so you’ll be able to work out quite well and then enjoy a healthy meal during Suhoor. I have worked out before & after breaking my fast and before Suhoor as well and I’m fixed with working out after breaking fast or before Suhoor as I prefer being enough hydrated while I work out.

Apart from that, irrespective of the time you’re working out, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. First one is making sure you’re highly hydrated before, between and after your workouts because there will be 15-16 hours where in you won’t be eating or drinking any liquid. Also, its better not to go for cardio workouts like, cycling and treadmills during Ramadan. Cardio workouts help you detoxify and you’re already detoxified by not eating or drinking anything during Ramadan. Going for cardio might lead to fatigue. So, avoiding cardio will not only help you keep up with your water levels in the body but will also help you avoid having those pale skinny cheeks by the end of the month. Its recommended to relax a bit and workout just one muscle per day. Moreover, for some of them who maintain a diet round the year, I would suggest you relax a bit more and keep yourself full if you’re planning to hit the gym during Ramadan.

Regarding supplementation, its better you only go for Whey Protein as other supplements like Amino Acids and Creatine might not be suitable for the body during this time. Again, I’m not suggesting this for people who are into professional bodybuilding and work as bodyguards or athletes. This is for common people like us who just workout to relax and keep fit at the same time. I would still suggest you consult a professional fitness trainer before proceeding with anything.

Wish y’all Ramadan Kareem once again and hope you have a great Month ahead. Requests for remembrance in prayers.

Please feel free to let us know about your food and training habits, we would love to hear it back from you.