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Do we really think before making a promise?
What if we are not able to deliver the same?

Let’s take a deeper look…

As per Wikipedia: A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something. As a noun promise means a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something. As a verb it means to commit oneself by a promise to do or give. It can also mean a capacity for good, like a value that is to be realized soon.

As per Google dictionary: a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a thing will happen.

But we don’t care what the world says or mean. We do what the situation demands, what’s profitable or suits us. Even I do that, but is it the right thing to do?

You can’t trust a promise someone makes while they’re drunk, in love, hungry, or running for office.
Joe Moore

We all curse the people who breaks promises that are made to us. But do we ever evaluate the number of promises we have broken? We never do that, because we are all perfectionist in our own world. Let me make that easy for you. We never think about the promise that we are about to make to the other person, neither do we care about the consequences that we are about to create in the other one’s life. May be small or big, but we simply don’t care.

I know, writing a post about it won’t change each one breaking the promise, but maybe we can think it twice, before making a promise to someone else.

Setting expectations from the very first day: We don’t care about setting the expectations unless they are our clients, or they have professional relationship with us. Do you think, it is right? NO, the expectations should be set right be it professional or personal relationship, to maintain a healthy relationship at every aspect.

You will be judged for your track records: We are not talking about legal records or some official records, we are talking about the personal records which is more strict and judgmental than any other official records. People don’t remember the 99 good things, but they will remember the 1 thing, that was a mistake. We can’t change the people and their perception, but at least we can change some of our bad habits or to be specific some traits, which will make us a better person to the ones we love.

Vows are made in storms and forgotten in calm weather.
Thomas Fuller

Hiding facts are not cool: Human beings are smart, and we use our smartness in every aspect possible. When making promises or challenge, we always tell the other person, only the half of it, or may be some of it. We create an own version of our self where we make ourselves understand, that we are not lying to the other person; but let me tell you, we call it manipulation, which is unacceptable. Just imagine if same half-baked information is given to us. We should always give the complete picture that we are aware of, so that the other person makes a sound decision/promise thinking about the complete picture.

Some promises are meant to be broken: We all say this someway or the other, some in conscious mind some in subconscious mind. We promise generally to buy us some more time, or situation demands it. We all fall prey to time and situation; Even I do that sometimes. This casual attitude of ours may later result to unnecessary tension and confusion.

The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Don’t promise the moon: Promise only what you are capable of. Everyone understands that we are all human beings, and there are certain things, that we won’t be able to accommodate the request. It is completely fine to know the limits that we have. So that later we are not answerable to anyone.

The promises of yesterday are the taxes of today.
William Lyon MacKenzie

Just remember: Your word is your identity.

This holiday season, lets spread happiness instead of playing blame game and resulting into dissatisfaction. There are few tips and tricks, which we can use, to make sure, that it doesn’t happen to us.

Ask for support, if needed: As stated earlier, we are all human beings, and we do need help and support from the other person, please ask them for the support that you require, so that the other person is aware of the fact, that you are facing some issues, and you are at least trying your part to make sure, promise is taken care of.

Focus on keeping the promise: Don’t let the promise break just casually, or you don’t care, remember, someone is genuinely counting on you as you have promised them. Doesn’t matter how small or big it, is. It won’t cost you a fortune to keep the word that you have given.

Apologize and get an alternative, if you are unable to keep the promise: There will be times when we are unable to keep our promises even after trying it genuinely. Instead of just surrendering, we can do a little homework, and help the other one in figuring out an alternative. It will not only save yourself from humiliation, it will also give the assurance to the other person, that you have genuinely tried, and were not successful.

Hope you guys liked reading my post. Loads of love and warm regards to you and your family, this holiday season from all of us.

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