We all know that our minds are incapable of not thinking all the time. Whether we want it or not, there’s always something going in our minds all the time which affects our behavior and attitude towards everyone we meet. And as years have gone by us have cluttered our minds with doubts, fears and insecurities just because we think too much in the negative direction.

This is something which is bad, but we have no control over it. We create boundaries around us and limit ourselves because we just keep thinking negative even when there’s no need for it. We miss on various opportunities because we just keep thinking and assuming things. For example, last year I wanted to buy this phone which was newly launched but I did not know how my parents would react because they never liked the idea of spending much on cell phones. “We’re only supposed to use it to talk to people.” was what they said. I kept thinking all night about how I speak to them and convince them to let me buy this phone. “I might need to fight with them? Shall I stop eating for a while? Maybe they’ll get tired and let me buy the phone.” were the thoughts that came to my mind. Next morning when I spoke to my dad about it, he just said one thing “If you like it; if you can afford it; if its good then go for it.”

He agreed! And I never had to put much effort in trying to convince him. I ended up laughing at myself thinking that it was so simple to speak about it and yet I wasted my sleep over it all night.
So it’s time we stop thinking and start doing things after all it’s not as hard as it may seem like. We just need to make sure that we stop being pessimistic and have an optimistic approach towards everything so that there’s no space for negativity around. By doing this we also pass positive vibes to people who we meet every day.

It’s quite simple to do that. Just try taking some time off from your busy life and do something that you love to do. It could be anything like cooking, dancing, writing, watching a movie or a stand up, working out, playing games or sports, singing, listening to music and even talking to your near and dear ones. If you say that you have no time at all to do these then my friend you’re wasting your life. I mean if you have no time for things that you love then it’s just a waste of oxygen.

I personally make sure that I have a gaming session before and after my work. In between my work I take a break only to listen to some Bollywood music. Apart from that, I work out, share memes on social media (make people smile), watch standup comedy, write and eat like crazy (chocolates especially).
Its just not limited to these, it could be anything you like that you think will help you keep a smile on your face for the rest of the day. I know someone who just likes to run barefoot in the lawn because she says that makes her feel the happiest.

So instead of hibernating and isolating yourself with negative thoughts, try to build positive, light and colorful thoughts by doing things you love to do a few times a day. You’ll not only see yourself build a healthy personal relationship with people around you but also, you’ll taste success professionally much earlier than you expected.