India and Pakistan have already been in a state of War since the Partition. There is a cold war even when everything is fine between the Countries. To add fuel to the fire, both the countries recently experienced Uri and now the most recent Pulwama Attacks and then the retaliation from the Indian Army. No doubt that the Indian Army came back with a Vengeance both the time and it was a Proud Moment not only for India but also for each person who stands for peace.

Apart from the Army, India was all united on Social Media and the #PKMKB thing got famous overnight. Various Pakistani Users were banned from several Pages which were managed by Indian Admins. People all over the world created Memes and Jokes on Pakistanis and left no stone unturned in demeaning them. Be it their lack of education, their bad English or their values, everything was made fun of. I was just going through the comments in one of the pages where they had mentioned that they will be banning each “Porkistani” from the page (Yes! They did not even bother to mention the country’s name correctly).

Among all the hate comments by the Pakistani Users, one of the comment said “Sir but what’s our fault? It was the terrorist that had done the attacks. How does banning a common Pakistani User gives you Justice?”

This got me thinking for a while and I just made sure that I do not share any such post where I would make fun of Pakistan or any other country. They sound more violent than funny. I just wanted to ask the same Question to the people reading this post that “What was the fault of that common Pakistani Guy who just uses Facebook or Instagram like us and has nothing to do with the attacks? Is it his fault that he was born in Pakistan?”

Recently there was an attack in New Zealand where in an Australian Gunman killed more than 50 People when he Opened Fire in Two Mosques. However, this time the admin of the Same Page did not ban any Australian user. Moreover, there were no #AKMKB posts on the Social Media. I’m sure there were also Indians and Pakistanis among the people who died but still there was no rage among us. Maybe because the attacker was an Australian and not Pakistani.

I’m not here supporting any country or community. I’m just saying that being an Indian or Pakistani or German or Australian does not matter. Neither does being a Hindu, Muslim, Jews or Christian. There are good and bad in each place, each country and each religion. If there are terrorists in Pakistan, then there are also people who believe in peace just like you and me and same goes for other countries as well. We too have people fighting over Nationality and Community all over the Social Media and so do they. Hating the whole country just because of the actions of a group of people is not only an injustice to the common people of that country but it’s also the success of that group whose only motive is to ignite war for whatever reason… And most of the time when we start hating, we turn into what we hate.