Log kya sochenge(What will other people think)” is the biggest wall in our life. No matter what we do, we always look back and think about how the surroundings are going to react to it.

This one though actually takes our life nowhere. In the fear of losing so-called “reputation,” we lose our own self. From the day you are born, your parents have expectations from you. For a few people, their parents are the one who decides the path of their life. It is certainly not wrong to have expectations from own kids, but if that expectation is killing the human inside that fellow, I am afraid, that is definitely wrong.

I understand that in today’s competitive world, it is very important to have your own identity established, parallelly I also can bet on it, in today’s world being a doctor or an engineer is not everything. We have a lot of opportunity in each and every field if we could master it.

In order to prove one’s worth, it is not always mandatory to choose the difficult path. Choosing an easy path could also get you success in life. 

I know, MONEY MATTERS, however, what matters more is INNER HAPPINESS. If your earning can not keep your own self happy, but just give you social status and a reputation, trust me, it does not worth it. It is absolutely normal if you are working in a small company or you are running a small business of your own. If that gives you inner peace at the end of the day, you have hit the jackpot.  In order to achieve your own peace, you might need to go through some financial loss at the beginning and you will see people laughing at you. But trust me, the day you will run on profit, those same people will come and congratulate you and most of them will actually not be happy from inside for your achievement.

It is okay to leave your job and wait for the right opportunity for your own good. It may be possible that the job you are leaving, might have been your dream job someday and today you are no more liking it. You might have spoken about it a lot to people when you were selected for the job and today when you are leaving it people are making fun of you. But have patience. Your next job could kill them with jealousy someday.

You like to speak a lot, be a YouTuber/RJ. You are over-expressive, be a writer/poet. You like to travel, be a traveller. You sing well, be a musician. Dance is in your blood, be a dancer. Be whatever you wish to, do whatever you feel like. It’s okay if it is taking time. As long as you have faith in yourself, nothing could stop you. Not everyone is born to be a scientist, some are born to protect the nation as well.

It is your parents, who raised you, not those “People” who talks in your back. If you know what you wanna be, is not going to harm anyone, your parents will stand by you. Forget everyone else. Don’t let anyone stop you from being what you are meant to be. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT QUIT on your dreams.  It is perfectly okay to earn a little less rather than earning a lot and still regret every day.

I have not achieved a lot in my life, but I am still working on it. Trust me, I am a Googler and I am quitting my job next month cause I have something else to achieve. I might not be able to share it today, but I have faith that soon I will be where I wanna be, and once I reach my destination, I will surely share my experience with you all.


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