Famous Irish Poet, Oscar Wilde said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.”

The internet has never failed to surprise. All the Social Networking users around the world got a new surprise two years ago and that was to confess things without their identity being disclosed. I’m talking about the Stulish and Sarahah Apps.

For those who don’t know, I’ll explain to you how it works. You just need to download this app and create your profile on it. Once you’ve created your profile then you can share the profile’s link on your social media page and you’ll receive anonymous messages from people who are in your friend list and who follow you. Now, these messages could be funny proposals, offensive taunts made by friends, love messages by people who have a crush on you or even full of hatred. And people do not even need to download this app to send a message.

Though it was created two years ago it recently once again got in trend and took the social media by storm. Me and my friends created a profile on it too.

I have no idea about others but thankfully, most the messages that I had received were funny and crazy. Some of them were all about friendship. I even got messages wherein someone said they really liked me and wanted to go out on a date with me. This actually got me confused because I have no idea if they were actual proposals or pranks played on me by my friends.

However, there’s a huge drawback of such apps. The app’s feature of maintaining the anonymity of people messaging someone has already become a major breeding ground for cyberbullying and harassment. One of my friends had to delete her account because of all the lewd messages she started receiving. I’ve had to deal with a lot of hate messages for a while as well. So if someone is creating an account on any of such Apps then that should be at their own risk.

Apart from all this, one thing that I’ve understood while doing this whole anonymous messaging thing is that some people in our lives just need to be ignored. There are these bunch of people who exist in everyone’s life who just hate you. There’s no particular reason for their hatred. They’ll find a reason to hate you even if you do something good. Funny thing is that, even though they dislike you for everything you are, they’ve all shamelessly added you on social media in their ‘Friend’ list, they follow all your posts and might have even spoken to you. But as soon as they get a window, they attack you with all the poison they’ve been carrying all the while. The best thing to do in order to deal with these people is not to deal with them at all. There’s a Report/Block Option in all these apps and it’s for these people. If they find that you’re responding to their bullshit with many harsh words then they’ll continue to fight with you until they bring you down to their level.

It’s a stressful world and we deal with a lot of things personally and professionally. Everyone is fighting his/her own battle. So it’s better we try spreading smiles and joy as much as we can rather than hatred and discourage people who try to spread hatred. Stulish and Sarahah have made it quite tough to find out the whereabouts of these people since we realized that they are among us. So it’s better we do not respond to their hatred even when they wear a mask.