Differentiating personal and professional life gets tougher at certain times, especially if your partner is in same work place with you.

Before I start telling my point of view, lets see what my co-writers had to say about it.

Riya says: Working with your partner could be stressful at your workplace. You can loose your social contacts. Your partner can get jealous if you are talking or getting close with any opposite sex colleague. Things happening in office or the decision you have taken in office can affect your relationship also. Though it all depends on the understanding between both. Still I would never like to work in same office with the person I am in a relationship with.

Juvin says: Working with your partner in the same workplace could be distracting for me. Because it won’t be possible to differentiate between your personal and professional life if you work together with your partner. This is obvious that you both will seek same shift, same break time, same project to spend time together which will lead to a non-productive work environment. In my opinion, emotion hampers your work and its important to keep your emotions out of your work.

There are positive side too. If you and your partner are matured and sincere enough to work as an individual and do not seek your partner always next to you, then obviously nothing better exists. What all matters is work-life balance without creating any conflict between two.

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Faiz says:  It depends on people how they deal with their personal and professional life within the work space if their partners work in the same place. From a personal experience, I would not recommend having your girlfriend or boyfriend within the same work place. It not only creates distraction from work but a lot of stress as well because we would need to deal with personal and professional life at the same time. Apart from that, it creates an uneasy work environment when the partners forget that the company works as per the business requirements and not as per their comfort level and start fighting over not getting the same week-offs or shift timings.

Well, sharing the same workplace with your partner has both pros and cons.

You get a shoulder:
Whenever you are stressed about your work, you could immediately have the one you could share your emotional state with. If you fall sick, the one is right there to take care of you, to make you feel safe. You might not to depend on someone. You could expect surprises as well right at your desk.

When you two are sharing same workplace, you two might get the bonus at the exact same time. That could help you plan financial things in a easy way. Both of you would be aware of how much the money your partner would be getting and contributing accordingly will be easier.

The first time when we get into jobs, we are too mature to understand the outcome of this. We come fresh out of high school/ college and would need time to get adjusted to the work environment. Personally I have seen a lot of couple coming out of the college and joining the same company from the same day. Some would say that it is better this way that your partner will be right infront of you all the while. You do not have to worry about their whereabouts. What they do not understand or they realize lately that if your partner is in same workplace with you, there would be nothing left for you two to discuss at the end of the day. There would be nothing to gossip about over a cup of coffee on your weekends. What so ever is happening, both of you already would be knowing about it.

Honestly, nobody would like to see their colleagues face in their off days, but if your partner is your colleague, you have no option but to see his/her face all the while. In office, in drop zone, in your breaks, in your weekoffs as well.

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You might have been a  top performer all the while, but if your partner is your manager or supervisor, no matter how hard you kick your ass off, your other colleagues are still gonna say that you  got the privilege of topping the stack cause the manager is biased towards you. Bang on! All your hard work gets kicked out and you become a hot gossip.

Effect on productivity:
No matter how much professional you are, some odd day would surely come your way when you might had a fight back at home with your partner and seeing the same person near your desk could screw up your productivity big time. You might try really hard to avoid him rest of the day, but in your mind it would run all over when you see his face.

We all are human being and have emotions. We get jealous seeing our partner with someone else and that’s pretty much natural. There would be time, when you feel like going for a break alone or with some other person from your team, your partner might feel bad about it at times. It is not that he is not trusting you, but it is just another human behaviour which gets hard to hide at times.You two might want to get into the same shift, same week-offs. But at times, that might not be possible.

There could be cases when you two would plan for a vacation, but just because you are in the same team one of your leaves might not be approved. Isn’t that gonna be a bummer?

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Just the way your personal issues should not affect your productivity at work, the same way, the work should not affect your relationship with your partner. The best way to avoid it is to be in different workplace.

Personal space in a relationship is much needed. Your workplace could be your getaway from relationship stress and vice versa. So not having your partner in the same workplace is the only way you could balance.

People would say that working in different workplace could also affect the personal and professional life. Well, certainly, I would agree to that. But at least you do not have to see your partner’s face at workplace when he is in a different place. At least you could try to focus and make yourself little productive. Better than getting a zero, isn’t it?

I have seen many people who got into a relationship after joining work. Love can happen anytime, anywhere. You might start liking someone from work and eventually start dating as well, but before it gets messed up, you need to discuss within yourself, think about it and one of you make a move.

Different people would have different opinion on this, and I would be glad to know about their opinion or experiences. There are many couples working in the same workplace and maintaining their personal and professional lives perfectly. I salute them. Kudos buddies.

But also, I have personally seen many gorgeous couples bidding goodbye to each-other cause of issues as they really could not make the balance. And also I have seen people breaking up being in other workplace. So yes it would vary from person to person and I leave it upto them.

As much as your relationship is important, so is your work. So let’s not screw it up by mixing it.