I’ll tell a short story today!


I know this guy who has not exactly been a good person in the past couple of years. There were talks on how wrong he treated people around him, how rude he was, how he changed his girlfriends like daily outfits, how bad he was and how he disrespected women. His bad reputation also influenced people who he used to hang out with. People thought that even they would be like this guy. Moreover, some people also got a huge benefit because of his behavior. They would say whatever they like to random people linked with him in some way or the other and put the blame on him.

Worst part was that he never bothered to realize what wrong he did and always found a way out of the situation. But you know as they say, you always pay for your mistakes. He realized it the hard way when he had to leave everything and go to a completely different place where he had no one’s back to hide.

The day finally came when he realized how wrong he has been. He still has no idea what made him realize all his mistakes. Not only he felt disgusted of himself but also, he felt sorry for his friends and family who had to bear all the pain because of him. He was too embarrassed to go and say sorry to them for all the pain. Also, he wanted to thank all of them for standing beside him even after all this but had no words to express their greatness for what they had done for him. All he could do was just go back for a while and give all of them all a warm hug with a silent tear and promise to be there when they needed him. People still don’t believe that its him who acts humble now. But you know as they say, “Change for Good!”

Deep down today, he is a bit scared. Scared of making people emotionally attached with him because he still does not know if he will be able to sustain that relationship or not. He knows he has made mistakes in the past and everything cannot be corrected. He just tries his best not to commit the same mistakes again and keeps himself out of trouble. He owns up all the wrong he has done and knows he have given people a lot of tears and tries his best to make everyone smile and cheer them up in whatever way he can.

Everyone has this phase in life when they make mistakes and its only you who can correct them. Mistakes are Forgivable. The best that you can do is to make sure that you do not commit the same mistake again and the best apology to anyone is a Changed Behavior.

Thank you for reading that and if you want to know whose story was I narrating above then… Well! It’s the same person who as written this space.