Tell me a place where we women can move without any kind of hesitation today.
We live in a society where a victim of rape doesn’t get justice but the person found guilty gets clean-sheet in the name of religion, or for the sake of his age.
We do candle march saying we want justice and then we save the culprit himself and the victim hides herself from the society. The political leaders tag such incidents as “pre-planned, made up incident”. The followers of the rapists protests against the victim and for the guilty. The fame and power overcome the crime. The victims suffer in hospital bed, their family suffer mentally for lifelong and the culprits roam around in the society with no guilt.
Every now and then  ‘Nirbhaya’ dies, not the criminals. The society blames our dressing but they don’t see a three year old is being raped too. Well, in such cases who is to be blamed? A 60 years old woman is being raped in her own apartment but those sick-headed are having no guilt. The head of the society will threat us saying “will send boys at your place” and we are shutting up our mouth. Some are hiding behind the curtains named ‘religion’. Even though the court takes decision against the verdict but the so called disciples are their to support him and not the victim.
In a country where thousands of people are dying due to insufficient food, those religious people are killing people to save the verdict. There is no one to stand for the victim in such cases cause the verdict is powerfull.
Well, Dear society,
Whom do we blame?
The head of the society? Or, the religion? Or, it’s us who are unaware of whom to stand for, and are too blind to see the guilty?No, the girl’s dress up sense, her freedom are to be blamed!
Take a bow☺