Hello Everyone,

On the same day previous year, I started my journey as a blogger. I created the website TheMoodRecipes to express my feelings.

Pratiksha was the first among friends to join me in my journey, followed by Faiz and Riya. I was good with the technical part, but never thought that I could start blogging.

The First person I would like to thank is Pratiksha, I still remember the day, when I approached her for a collaboration together. Well, she already had a good amount of readers. Thanks to her strong feminist views. She is the first and among the very rare person, who believed we can make it together.

After that I was approached by Riya and Faiz, Once we started writing, we all started getting love and support from our friends and families.

Let’s come to the point on why did I name the page like this.

Well, the readers, be it anyone, we all need varieties. Just like appropriate ingredients make a perfect food recipe, the same way different articles for different mood make it easier for the readers to relate.

Sometimes, at some weekends, we need a good romantic story, at times we need a thriller. At times, when one is down and has nobody to approach, a good psychological  blog helps us to get over it. So we made sure that our readers get everything at a single destination. Our writers too has the freedom of writing anything that they are feeling. Hence we could not come up with a better name.

The Mood Recipes is the recipe by the writers for the readers.

Here are some of the stats for TheMoodRecipes:

More than 1k fans in Facebook
More than 16k readers in Pinterest
Hundreds of Likes, thousands of shares and comments.
Domain authority updated to 10 and Page authority to 34.

I would like to take a moment out and thank each one of you – the readers, my co-writers, guest writers and Editors for the lovely responses, criticisms and all kind of feedbacks. This is the first time, I am writing, so thank you all once again for supporting me throughout my journey.

Honestly it feels great to express my feelings, thoughts and everything without holding on to something on my mind.

Here are few words from my fellow writers:

Pratiksha says:
I started blogging when I thought I have lost purpose of life as I was diagnosed with a disease that made me bedridden. I had been a person who could never sit at home doing nothing, so when I was asked for complete bedrest, the only thing I did was I wrote. Whatever came in my mind I wrote… To my shock, few people even liked them. One of those people was Samar, the admin of our page, The Mood Recipes.

One year of TheMoodRecipes 2

He approached me one fine day that he wants to start a page of his own and whether I would like to join it or not. The best part was he gave me full freedom to write on anything. So, I did.

I joined his page that became ours. Many writers got added and few of them could not continue as well due to their personal issues. Thankfully even when I became irregular for like months, Samar stood by me and gave me time.

I came back, I again failed at times. He had my back. I continued.

The page gave me few good friends as well and some great responses as well from our readers which inspired me to continue. So here we are today, completed one year. With almost 20000 readers a month and 5000 subscribers to our website.

I would like to thank every individual for reading, for giving us feedback, for loving us. Happy to be a part of the team.

Faiz says:
Though I always wanted to write and had a lot to write but honestly did not know what to write when Moumita Di first approached me for Mood Recipes. After thinking about it a bit I just started writing what life made me write and people started liking it. It’s been quite a healing experience from all my mental traumas and insecurities that I had previously.

One year of TheMoodRecipes 3

A lot of misconception about me were cleared when people read my posts and started interacting with me about it. There’s no genre of writing that I wanted to be labelled with. It’s a learning experience for me every time I sit down to write a new post. I started writing about life & relationships and then have explored into social and psychological taboos. I still consider myself an amateur and have a long way to go here. The best thing about being a part of Mood Recipes was meeting and interacting with all these writers from different backgrounds and different genres. I’ve learnt a lot from each one of them. I still have no idea what ‘am I going to write about next because I never plan on anything but whatever it might be, it would be a fun.

Riya says:

One year of TheMoodRecipes 4
Being a part of The Mood Recipes is very special for me. It is a platform where I could show my creativity. This one year, which I have spent with the crew of The Mood Recipes, is amazing. I have made some good friends. Editors position is always been feared., as editors will find out the faults in your creation. But being part of this groups, I realized that editors’ position can loved too. I am passionate about writing and creativity and I got the platform here, for my creativity and to polish others creativity. I am a proud member of The Mood Recipes group and I am thankful to you all for the love we have received from you.

Juvin says:

One year of TheMoodRecipes 5
It’s been almost a year I started sharing my thoughts via TheMoodRecipes. It’s a great platform to put your worlds and have a great people as readers. My co-writers are also very good and moreover we are like a family. A heartiest thanks to our admin for giving us a platform to showcase ourselves and indeed for being so patient whenever we seek any help or co-operation. I already have written few blogs and will look forward to writing more and more. I feel happy to be a part of this team and it feels so nice to work with you people.

Dishari says:
Well, I have been always the one who speaks a lot but goes into a certain zone when it comes to the point of sharing emotions, thoughts, opinions, upheavals of life! This is how I had become over thinker and started penning down everything in the way I felt like. Later on, writing became my sword and I was advised to keep the pieces saved! I knew Pratiksha (One of the gorgeous writers) since a long back. With the grace of hers, I was introduced to The Mood Recipe few months back.

One year of TheMoodRecipes 6

The first time when I talked to Samar (The admin), I wouldn’t lie, I was quite formal as I have no experience in getting my post published in a big platform. But on the very day 1, I had been given the key of freedom to write anything that would come out from my heart, without thinking any ‘What ifs’! I believe in love and loyalty fiercely and there I tried my hand first on ‘I Miss Us’. I felt ecstatic when it was highly garnered. Who doesn’t love to be appreciated when their own work has actually been able to touch the hearts of many souls. This is how I began my journey with The Mood Recipe.

I was invigorated to write more and more. It seems like I am speaking my every feeling out to my own people through the write ups. I have got a good team, excellent scribes, cool boss (Samar will kill me) and of course the wonderful readers, without whom it wouldn’t have been ever possible. This is just the 1st year of completion of The Mood Recipe, I can’t wait to go a long way with the flow of love, lust, hate, sex and experiences. Happy one year❤

Suvarty says:
Journey has been good so far, got to explore many genres while writing for this blog. Got good response and encouragement and finally wrote an entire short story which i never thought about.

Looking forward to writing more from some of my favorite genres like thriller, horror and psychological/sociopath. Much like the “Psycho” movie.

One year of TheMoodRecipes 7

Hope you all will enjoy reading the short yet exciting posts coming up on the next few months.

Deep Says:
I’ll be honest here – I was a noob when I started my journey in the mood recipes. I had no experience of writing blogs or stories. My first few blogs did not get good response. However, I was not demotivated with that. I gave a pause to my publishing and started reading the other blogs which were getting published in our website. What I learnt is – The only thing which matters the most is to relate with the reader. If you are making sense to the reader – your blog is a hit.

May whatever you post – If you are making sense and you are relatable enough – that’s it. I published a post related to smoking which explained how i was able to quit smoking. Everyone was able to relate to it. I got good number of responses from it. That was my first successful blog.

After that I posted few love stories, my personal experiences and learnings, few event specific posts like Independence Day, elections in India, no spoilers about GOT, Samar’s Birthday, a travelling post on Hindi songs etc.

One year of TheMoodRecipes 8

The Mood Recipes has given me a platform where I can speak and play with my words together. I am a silent person in front of this world however I’m different in this website. The Mood Recipes has developed features in me which I was unaware of. My friends, family members, even the unknown readers have appreciated me a lot for my posts. So i think my posts are making sense to people and everyone can relate to my life and my blogs. The main trick or specialty when you are writing a blog is to make sure that there is a touch of originality in your blogs. And i think i have learnt that.

Till now 17 posts in the last 10 months is not bad for a noob though. Thanks Samar, Faiz, Moumita, Sayani, Riya, Pratiksha, Dishari, Juvin and everyone else who is related to this journey till now in The Mood Recipes website.


Personal message to all Readers:
One year of TheMoodRecipes 9

We are continuously trying to do something new, write something new for all the readers. Honestly, we are getting good amount of responses from quite of you people, please continue doing that. Even if you didn’t like reading any post, please let us know, so that we all can keep learning and writing. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below, or feel free to send us an Email.

Last but not the least, To each and everyone of you, who are directly or indirectly supporting TheMoodRecipes with love. We all owe a big one to all of you. 

Thank you everyone. Keep reading.