Wednesday February 20, 2019

One-Sided Love

“Ek tarfa pyaar ki taaqat hi kuch aur hai. Auro ke tarha do logo mei nahi bant’ta wo. Sirf mera hai. Saba se pyaar karne ke liye mujhe Saba ki hi zarurat nahi hai. Shayad isse behtar koi rishta ho hi nahi.”

“One Sided Love is the most Powerful relationship in itself. Unlike other relationships it does not gets divided between two lovers. Its all mine. Its like I don’t need to be with Saba [ladylove] to be in Love with her. Maybe theres no better love than this.”

It sounds truly romantic especially when it comes from an actor as romantic as Shah Rukh Khan but this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You love someone who does not loves you. Maybe they’re not even aware of the fact that you love them. Even if they know, they don’t even bother to care that you love them and like an idiot you find ways for them to be with you or fall in love with you. Thats the biggest turn off ever! People who do that, I just want to ask you why you do that? Don’t you have better things to do in life?

You are at loss for so many things just because you’re stuck or obsessed with that one person’s attention who does not even care and they are not to be blamed for this. They have all the right not to care. They have all the right to choose the person who they think are better for them. Its your mistake that you’ve been stuck on to them for no reason.

If you like or love someone then honestly let them know. If they love you too then they will stay. If not then do not hold on to them. Let them go. Do not wait for them. If you’re destined to be together then they will come back to you. If not then there is a much better relationship and an even better life waiting for you out there. Do something good with your life. Make the most of each and every moment.

Do not let someone’s rejection destroy you. Make the best of your life and the true love and relationship you have been looking for will eventually find its way into your life. It will be all yours and you won’t have to fight for it.

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