Hello Readers,

Thank you for coming back here to read the post, it’s your love and support, that encourages me.

Just wanted to ask you all, did you ever take any decision, which has benefited someone you love, but on the other hand, broke you completely?

If yes, my friend you need a hug.

Recently, I took the decision in my personal life and it broke me completely, But
I am a boy, too strong enough to cry.
I am 25, too old to cry
I work full time, too independent to cry

I feel very helpless and sometimes worthless when these kinds of decisions come in front of me. I tried my level best to push it as far as possible, but it would be too late for the same.

And the day you signed up for love and relationship, the day is not too far my friend.

I know saying these things seems easy and it’s like a petty matter, but once you take this decision, it is going to hurt you so bad and deep, you are going to have scars for life if the decision affects your loved one.

This is the hardest decision I have ever took in my life, and it affected me badly, and I am pretty sure, that I must take the complete responsibility and the complete blame to whatever happens after this day.

People who know has already started judging me, and I expected the same. People do live by my expectations. Who said, expectation hurts?

I want to tell all the readers who are reading this blog, and you’ve been through such a decision that you have found a new buddy, me.

When a series of events do not go like we planned the, it makes us question our own ability to judge anything be it very small or big. We, then, prior to taking any decision, anticipate a lot. Our rationality gets affected, and we eventually fail to make the right decision, yet again.

Before taking this decision, everything seemed pleasant and sorted-
I had my risks calculated
I had my outcome guess and speculate each possible outcome.

But trust me, after you take the decision, you will feel like you wasted the entire part doing nothing. We never know what plans destiny has, and how it plays it part. In my part, the world fell apart, and every plan remained as a plan only. Every dream, every planning that you have thought of… all gone, in a fraction of a second.

Just wanted to tell you guys, the delay you people will make in taking the decision that is pending, the more complicated it will get. I am telling you this because I have tried, tested and failed.

I literally sat down for hours, sleepless nights, and without food for long times, it became a part of my routine, I was stuck in such a dilemma. I never realized deep in my mind, that I was so emotional and sensitive, till the time it happened to me.

When I used to see people in relationship in pain and pathetic conditions, I used to make fun of them or if they were part of my good friends, I used to make them understand that how it should be and how everything should work, but now when I am in that situation, It made me realize, what it actually feels to take such decisions.

These situations in life, teach us many things, things that we are not ready about, things that we can’t plan and many other things, which no college/university/books/blogs or even teachers can teach us. They can only give us a rough and vague idea about the same.

I am telling these out of my experience. Now I understand the point why people lose their mind or give up everything to settle down somewhere else.

I have made up my mind, and I concluded that sometimes, we need to stick with our guts, confidently flow with our conscious, and never regret whatever the outcome. If we learn to accept each of our decision, it will grow.

Being afraid and uncertain, will only make us more confused, and it will increase the problems for the issues or the persons involved directly or indirectly.

That will be all for now folks, please feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestions.