Just before I start, it’s an warning! Dear BOYS/MAN(so-called), you’re gonna hate this blog?      There is always one phase when a girl stops putting all her efforts to save a relationship! Yes, a relationship just doesn’t mean a GF-BF thing, but well yes a father daughter relationship, a brother-sister one too, and friends and many more to count on. But in all the cases what you see is that ‘The GUY’ always  desires to be the right one. No matter what they do they are right, at least they think so. I agree they are, but not all the time sweetheart!
No, you’re not supposed to make all the rules all time. And even if you do, we have all the rights darling to break that. We are not your puppets man! We dislike to do everything you want us to do. And just one mistake of us can not ruin a long term relationship, I mean oh come on, I know you can’t exactly call it off, so well, we don’t deserved to be threatened.?

We can decide of our own what to do and how to do. No help from you is needed. Would you mind sharing that what exactly made you feel that you’re always right and you’ve given all the rights to shout on us whenever you feel that we are wrong? Let me tell you people, in most of the cases, you’re actually wrong! Who gave you the permission to showoff your “EGO” where it is not at all needed? Let me be very honest, when you actually need to show it off all your superiority is vanished bro! You may not push the door where ‘pull’ is written but that doesn’t make you a GOD! You cannot force us to take a decision just because you think is correct.

When you’re a brother, you decide what is right for your sister, whatever the matter is, be it her dress or her friends in surroundings or her boyfriend. When you’re a father its you to decide her carrier, her life partner. When you’re a husband you decide the amount of dowry, wife’s profession, her nature towards others. When you’re a boyfriend you decide her clothes, her friends, her best friends, her whereabouts!

If you think we need you just for taking decision for us, SCREW YOU JERK! If you cannot love us, cannot happy us, cannot care for us or be attentive to us when we need, once again SCREW YOU BABY! ?

And many are gonna think after reading that “no, I am an exception!”  Well yes there is always exceptions, but in this case, a big NO! YOU and probably YOU TOO are just the same.?

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