Traversing through the oceans and mountains
I immerse myself into their enthralling wonders
Engulfing the beauty embellished with glory
I yearn to tranquilize my heart with ecstasy.

My eyes drench into the panorama of God’s creation
Dancing and swaying for the soul to enliven
Nature unfurls to spread its mystic charm
Presenting before me an aura of surreal calm.

Nature’s grandeur creates a magical enlightenment
Transforming my mind into a world of excitement
I joyfully sing along with the envious rhythmic landscape
Nourishing within me an overwhelming zeal to escape.

The enigmatic flora and fauna captivate my soul
The vastness around engulfs my heart to its full
I breathe the freshness and purity within you
To fulfill my ardent desire exploring the world in its hue.

The poem is written by the Guest writer : Kuntala Banerjee

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