It’s been long I have written something, so it might be a very dull one. For all the readers, my sincere apology if I bored you anyhow.

From being the rough and tough, to be a crybaby for her, he has grown 5 years elder now. Though he became 24, for her from the time she knows him it has been 5 years now.

The 1st day when they met, he was an extreme introvert, but always good with conversation especially with girls. Yes, he was a big time flirt whose hobby was collecting girls’ numbers. Wherein, she was a heartbroken one, looking for a shoulder to rely on.

This time also, his words played well and spread the magic on her. She was falling deep down even after knowing about him and the other girls’ existence in his life. She could not resist as he said ” If you fall for me I will be there to hold you”.

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Yes, he has kept his words.


Though it took a very long time, but nothing matters as long as they are in love.

He accepted her with all her flaws, she accepted him with all his scars.

Time came where lot of problems were there, after all it takes time to change one’e-self completely right?

So, they met when they were in college. Life was smooth without any worries. Friends were all around, fun was there. Tears were there so was smile. In the 1st year she was a day scholar but he was in hostel. Everynight she had nothing to do but to wait for his phone call, but he used to be busy with friends. He always had excuses ready to not to talk because people were around and he was uncomfortable. She cried, she shouted, she hated it but nothing helped much. In the second year she moved in to hostel. Luck favored a little. She got a little extra time to spend with him after college. But the nights did not change much. Though she was also surrounded by hostelmates but they were all busy on phones at night. Things were still going on till the time his best friends and most of the people moved out of hostel. And so did she. But this time she got all of his time. It was the time when he slowly started realizing the value of her presence in his life. She fell tremendously sick and got bed ridden for almost 2 months. He made most of his time to be beside her. Her birthday was spent on bed. She was being given therapies and he was beside her throughout. That night they both realized how much they mean to each other.

Slowly slowly, things took a better shape. He was an one women guy, deeply and madly in love with her. From hating they way she was loud all time to love her each and every words, ,from hating shouting in movie hall when SRK makes his entry on screen to love her reaction for the same, from hating sharing food from his dish till feeding her from same plate, from hating the overcrowded places to wait in between 500 people to get a glance of her favorite author, things changed.

Time came when they had to go away from each other. College came to end. It was time for him to go back to his hometown and prepare for higher studies whereas she started planning to get into a job. He left.

Things were fine till the time she joined an MNC. Her nightshifts, people around her, started scaring him. He started feeling over –protective, jealous and a perfectly typical boyfriend with thousands doubt in mind. In between her workload, she started feeling exhausted for being doubted. Never ever in her life she thought that he could doubt her, cause doubting was her copyrighted element. Things took bad shape, nights saw tears, pillows became the best friend to hide the feelings. But nobody gave up.

In her workplace she was misjudged, he stood with her, gave her strength. And then it was time, she moved out. Not only out of the job, but also from her city, which in her nightmares also she did not think of. She came to a different city. She saw independence. It was the time, fear surrounded him more. For the first time, she was away from home. No matter what she does, nobody will know till she speaks out. She restricted herself, cause she knew if something wrong happens, it would lower down her parents head, it would lower down her dignity and her pride of being “ONLY HIS GIRL”. But his doubts and fear knew no limit. Endless daily fights, tears, anxiety overruled. But nobody gave up. Though they broke up daily like school kids, but nothing actually changed. LOVE WON. He came to see her, stayed with her for a week. Observed her daily routine, learnt how difficult her life is being alone every day. It helped them to get things back on place.

Yes, he held her whenever she fell and failed, she gave him courage whenever he was scared and low. On his birthday though they we were not physically close but they are hoping to be TOGETHER FOREVER soon.

After all “ Jab tak sab sahi na toh tab tak THE END nahi hai mere dost!”